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    Saturday Night Contest - Something Special

    4 years ago, I was a shy boy in my class and wherever I go. I never had to approach anyone and make friends. But things changed when I saw a friend of mine performing a simple mathematics trick, which later on he got me my first deck of bicycle playing cards. I practiced everyday with that deck...
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    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    Queen of spades and the joker
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    Saturday Night Contest - A Shuffled Chaos

    Top : 10 of diamonds Bottom : 5 of Hearts
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    Penn Jillette's patent So apparently Penn Jillette came up with a patent about this hot tub jet to arouse women. :D hahaha never expected something like that from a magician
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    Damn i guess a 9 of clubs tooo. Too bad i was late :(
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    1: Red= queen of clubs White= Jack of spades Blue= 3 of clubs 2: Red= 5 of diamonds White= Joker blue= 9 of clubs 3: Red= Ace of clubs white= Gaff Card Blue =Ace of spades
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    Advertise your YouTube channel :D gimme comments!
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    T-11 Card design

    Holy mama i want one! It looks so goddamn awesome!!!!!!!!! Deck three!!!
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    Propaganda not so much of a two way back?

    really? didn't know that. Where? :D
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    Propaganda not so much of a two way back?

    i see. Well i'm out-dated then :P
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    Propaganda not so much of a two way back?

    Not sure if anyone has noticed this but i found this out while examining the design of the deck. Apparently its in the part where there's bombs surrounding the gas mask, and there's black lines behind the bombs. kind of hard to explain but you guys can compared the pictures. the pictures are the...
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    Magic Business Card Design

    Damn why is it that i can't see any pictures posted on the forums? :(
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    Dan Hauss+Blake Vogt+PaperCrane=?

    it looks like they are making a music video instead :P
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    Saturday Night Roundtable - Luis de Matos (posted)

    What do you want people who joined EMC this year to be able to learn? To become a better magician? To be able to twist the routine around if something goes wrong etc? And also is being a stage magician hard? Having to drag all those equipment around?
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    What would happen if all decks got discontinued?

    i would just sell my cards away and with the money i would start my own uspcc. :P
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    Saturday Night Contest - Mother's Day Magic!

    this is the first saturday night contest that i see with so little submission. :O
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    New Effect I Created!

    Haha that was awesome man! I too have also created a move that can be used as a color change or a switch or as a control. Tell me what you think. If you know that secret, please pm me. i would like to know how many people knows how this trick is done. I sent it to t11 and blue crown but they...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable : Blake Vogt!

    How does it feel like being part of david copperfield's team? And what was your inspiration for Ref4m? How did you get theory11 to be interested in your effect cause i have created a move and i have sent it to t11 but still haven't gotten a response from them. :-)
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    REF4M by Blake Vogt?

    Still, whether ot not it can be handed out in the end, it still looks cool. So gonna buy it
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    Card Collecting/Storage Dan and Dave just put it in a cupboard. And they have hell lots of jerry's!
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