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  1. Mugicano

    area 51 system

    Hey guys! I'm trying to get some info in the area 51 system, and I thought this was the perfect place Thanks!!
  2. Mugicano

    Split Spades Collectors Decks

    Just wanted to hear some thoughts about a pack of two bee casino quality decks (Black and inverted black, one of them signed by Blaine) I might get my hands on.
  3. Mugicano

    just wondering...

    Hey guys! Just wanted to know the "value" (apart from the sentimental part) of a deck of cards. They are KEM plastic playing cards from 1935, with a floral kind of back, coming in a double box, bridge style, one deck still with cellophane the other brand new. Thanks, Mugicano
  4. Mugicano

    Good Magic Shops in Miami

    I'm going round Miami, just wondering if anyone could recommend a good magic shop. Thanks.
  5. Mugicano

    New to card manipulation...

    Planning to get into card manipulation.Can you recomend me material?
  6. Mugicano

    Card Collection

    Which decks do you think are the best for collecting? How about dealers? How do you display them?
  7. Mugicano

    Magic Shops in NYC

    Wanted to know your favourite magic shops (and shows) in NY! Thanks, Mugicano.
  8. Mugicano

    Have-to-buy tricks, books, etc...

    In your opinion,which are the best effects, books, DVD's etc.. in the market? Mugicano.
  9. Mugicano

    Favourite Magic and Flourishing Sites

    Just wondering which are your favourite sites. Mines are probably decknique for flourishing and of course, this one. Another good one, united cardists.It's small, but there's a lot of reviews on decks and some good stuff.
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