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    Difficult Moves

    Hi, it's been a long time since I posted a thread. I want a book filled with difficult sleights, not necessarily practical. I'm pretty much a move monkey, but the only source I have for such stuff is online. Since I've not handled much "knuckle-busting " stuff till now, I don't know what to...
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    How's this Done?

    I'm sure all of you know Kostya Kimlat. He probably has the best underspread cull ever and he did blow all of us away with his mind blowing juggling act the second time in Fool Us. This is one of his videos. I've been going through Daortiz lately, so I was checking out some mental forcing and...
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    Eliminating Finger Flashing While Bottom Dealing

    I'm currently using a strike deal from a modified Mechanic's grip, which might be the Turner grip. I don't have any instructional material other than RCT. I do the take between the middle and ring finger, such that the middle finger doesn't have to move out of the way. For the last few days, I...
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    Pointers for Beginners in Card Magic

    Just wanted to put together a list of things to keep in mind when starting out. These are things or habits that you should keep in mind to follow or stay away from, which I've found from my experience (of the little that I do have).I made a lot of these mistakes along the way. 1. Get familiar...
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    Push Through Riffle

    The push through false riffle is a move I've found myself do a lot over the last couple of weeks, don't know why. But, how do you make the strip out, and what do you think is the best? I see Richard Turner do the pushing action almost painfully slow, and he does the riffle twice, before sending...
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    Bottom Deal

    I think I've got the Erdnase grip down pretty well. I've seen a different grip in Card College, which I think if done well is superior to the Erdnase by far. But I cant seem to get the hang of it, it seems impossible to do the buckle as mentioned. Any place I can see it being done to get an idea?
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    Laser Deal

    I haven't learned the laser deal from anywhere, but figured it out on my own, so I may be wrong. But, is it better if I don't make the snap at all? The way I think of it, there's no sound when I deal cards normally. I understand it's supposed to sell the idea that you're really dealing the...
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    Favorite Magic Movie?

    Just what the title says... If doesn't match from the pole, comment. I'll go with The Prestige, and The Illusionist, The Prestige bring my absolute best. Nolan is a beast.
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    Classic Force

    Hello, what would be some good sources to study the classic force? Ive done the bits from Card College but want a lot more detail. Theres always a hitch when I try to get it done, nothing much, but Id like to get it down solid.
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    Recommendations on Daortiz

    Hi, I'm considering a pretty big purchase. I was thinking of getting a Dani Daortiz DVD, because his effects have always baffled me. Which ones would you guys recommend? I was thinking of Reloaded. Reviews seem very positive.
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    I've been studying a lot from books. More specifically, only certain moves, for hours. Following books like card college, I'm happy with the progress. But, every time I get handed a deck when actually performing, I eventually run out of ideas for performing. I usually start off with card to...
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    Where to buy Morgan dollars?

    Hi, I'm looking for sources to buy Morgan dollars from, for low prices. I don't mind replicas, as long as condition holds.
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    Requesting suggestions for Mentalism, Psi Forces, etc

    Hello everyone, I've been doing card magic for a few months now. I've come to understand (from some posts), that asking for redirection to learn certain effects or methods is alright as long as there is no exposure. If not so, please ignore this thread, as this is my first. After some time, I...
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