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  1. K. Anthony Almario

    Memorized Deck Glimpses and Estimations

    Hi everyone. I am a new memdeck student and I am working through Mnemonica. I am enjoying it so far, but frustration has started to creep up on me. I pray that you guys can help me on this. Many of the effects, especially the direct and quickie effects require estimations and glimpses to...
  2. K. Anthony Almario

    Cardistry Showdown - Zach vs. Mario and Krist

    Here's a short video that I wanted to try out with the elites in cardistry. A showdown between Zach, and two Filipino flourishers (me included and being the Underdog), hope you like it.
  3. K. Anthony Almario

    The Wire: Mode of Payment

    Hi guys, I just want to ask something for those who had some effects up in the Wire. What is the mode of payment in the Wire? I mean, how do you guys get paid online? Paypal? Remittance? or what other method? I just wanna clarify this bit of information because I'm planning to put up an...
  4. K. Anthony Almario

    Flourish Return

    HI guys, it has been a long lost lonely while since I made a flourish video. And last week, I went to Cebu for some matters. I decided to make a quick video. Hope you guys like it :-)
  5. K. Anthony Almario

    Flourish Return This has been my video after a long time. Hope you like it. And yes, I still use the "Fabled Peerless Deck", hope you guys like it. :-)
  6. K. Anthony Almario

    Back for Flourishing

    Hi Guys, This has been my first flourish video after a long time. Hope you guys enjoy it. It ain't much, but I enjoyed it. Yes, I still use the "Fabled Peerless Deck". Hope you like it.
  7. K. Anthony Almario

    Pick-up Magic Question

    Hi guys, I want to learn more pick-up effects as well as the science behind those players doing magic. Can anyone please give me a good source or reference for this topic. I remember Jay Sankey releasing one named Firestarters. But I'm looking for those sets with actual live performances...
  8. K. Anthony Almario

    Dresscode Used in a Dance Contest?

    HI guys, By the way, I am 1/3 of a group called the Triad, a Youtube group of vloggers. And this is one of our vlogs. Im the magical side of the group and in the vlog, fastforward to 3:40 min and you will see me perform Dresscode in our presentation. Hope you guys will find that small moment...
  9. K. Anthony Almario

    The Slowest Pass in the World - Jonah Pass

    Hi guys, It's me again. And here's a short performance video of my take on the classic pass. Unlike other passes that should be done swiftly and in lightning speed, mine can be done slowly and can still be as invisible. I had done this a lot of times, and had over a year of refining. I won't...
  10. K. Anthony Almario

    Airbrush Revisited

    Hi guys, it has been a long while since I posted something for you guys to see. But yeah, Im back. This is some raw performances of the Arirbrush by Daniel Garcia. Hope you like it and hope you can tell me what you think over at the video comments. thanks and until next time. -Anthony...
  11. K. Anthony Almario

    AMBOT by Jandy Barrientos

    Hi guys, I told you have a few goodies when I return here. Well, I do hope this would be a goodie to you as much as it was to me. Anyways, during a party two days ago, I saw one of my friends performed a variation of the age-old counting card trick, however his version opens doors to flirting...
  12. K. Anthony Almario

    Life of a Deck of Cards - Short Film

    It's great to be back guys. And yeah, it has been a long while since I posted something for the community, but yeah, now I'm back, I have a few goodies for you all. I made a short film about something we all care about guys, a deck of cards. It's a simple short film, shot during a toy convention...
  13. K. Anthony Almario

    How Much Are Peerless Decks?

    Hi guys, Can I ask guys, how much are the Peerless Decks in your local stores there?In the US and other neighboring countries?Please do reply. Thanks
  14. K. Anthony Almario

    Other Contest Query?

    Hi guys, It has been a while since I've been here, and yeah, here's a little something that I wanted to ask the staff, the moderators, and heck, even the members. Aside from the theory11 SNC, can the members host a magic contest here and promote it at the same time?You know, probably a...
  15. K. Anthony Almario

    Cardistry Video: Back 2 the Basics

    Hi guys, It has been a while, I just wanna say, Happy New Year again. (Although its late) Anyways, for my first post in 2011, I wanna share with you guys a simple flourish video that i just uploaded. Be glad to hear some feedback,good or bad. Thanks guys LinK...
  16. K. Anthony Almario

    Say Wuht Channel Contest Entry

    Hi guys, So me and my brother entered this local online contest hosted by two ladies who call themeselves the Say Wuht Girls. The winner of the contest will win Dr.Gray Beats and Lady Gaga Heart Beats. They said you have to think out of the box and be creative in our videos. We decided to do...
  17. K. Anthony Almario

    Challenge me

    Hi guys, Watch this video, participate, and enjoy.Nothing big, just another attempt to exercise creativity...:-) Link: Hope to see you there. Krist Anthony
  18. K. Anthony Almario

    MAGIC AT THE BEACH: Andrew's Vlo!

    Hi guys, It's been a while since I posted, and this time, I give to you another video. This is a half-documentary and a half-vlog. It was loads of fun at the beach and we got to perform. Mostly I performed, too bad Andrew wasn't able to film some perfomances though, but nevertheless, it was...
  19. K. Anthony Almario

    Luke Dancy Contest (Please Support Me)

    Hi guys, The Luke Dancy Contest had now opened the voting. Again guys, I would like to ask for your support in voting for me and my Double Ham Sandwich. Please vote for me in Luke Dancy's site: And again, for those who wants to see my Double Ham Sandwich...
  20. K. Anthony Almario

    Double Ham Sandwich (Luke Dancy Entry)

    Hi guys, I entered Luke Dancy's Contest, and this is my final video that I decided to submit to him. This is a variation of his effect known as the Sandwich Which Way effect.Please do support me when the right time comes. Voting will begin on November 15, 2010 up to November 18, 2010, more...
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