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  1. industrialchild

    Theory11: Are You the White Rabbit?

    Guys, I have been a member of this forum for quite awhile. I'm definitely not a new name around these parts of the web. It came to my attention recently that a good friend of mine Readmoremagicbooks, was banned from this site because according to a private message from Johnathan Bayme his...
  2. industrialchild

    Some old school coin tricks!

    Hey guys, I do actually do coin magic occasionally...Surprisingly! :D I made this video earlier today. 3 of my favorite walk-around coin tricks. 1. Spellbound-Dai Vernon 2. 1 Coin Sequence-Tony Slydini 3. Presto Chango- Thomas H. Bearden Hope you guys enjoy them. Any feedback...
  3. industrialchild

    The Tarbell Course in Magic

    Hey guys, I'm sure many of you have at least heard of The Tarbell Course, but I was just curious as to how many of you actually own it. It is an old set of books, and many consider this to be outdated. I'm here to say that the only thing that is outdated in these tomes are the presentations...
  4. industrialchild

    Shock by Ian Chandler

    Hey guys, I would like to take a moment to talk about an old pdf file created by Ian Chandler entitled "Shock" This pdf file has three amazing effects, and it is absolutely free! That's right free! You can obtain this free pdf here: The...
  5. industrialchild

    Private Property by Jay Sankey

    Jay Sankey just recently re-released an item called Private Property. What is Private Property? Private Property is based off of an old idea of Theodore Anneman that very few people have experimented with. Jay Sankey was one of those guys that decided to experiment with this. Though the...
  6. industrialchild

    The ending music for Control

    Ok, I was wondering if anybody could answer me this question. Who is responsible for the vocals of the ending song for the Control DVD. It's a creepy song describing someone touching a corpse. In the chorus of the song, the singer keeps on saying "Breathe".
  7. industrialchild

    Steve Reynolds has now arrived at Vanishing Inc.

    Hey guys, I normally don't post threads about "the newest product", but this new product I'm going to talk about was actually put together buy my close and personal friend, Steve Reynolds. It is actually a book titled Route 52 and a DVD called Seek 52, and both are on pre-order right now at...
  8. industrialchild

    Glass by Adam Grace

    Before there was Frozen and Ringtone, there was Glass. I'm sure that most of you on these forums are familiar with just how creative Adam Grace is. However I was genuinely shocked when I searched these forums and I did not find a review for Glass. I decided to take on the task of writing a...
  9. industrialchild

    A Logical Lesson by J.C. Wagner and Syd Segal

    Hey guys, I just began playing with this trick today, and it seems like it would be very strong for laymen. The only thing that worries me is the display for the packet of threes and sevens at the beginning. I have never been a fan of that particular count. Every time in the past when I tried...
  10. industrialchild

    The Master Card Principle

    So, I had some down time today and I popped in one of Eugene Burger's Chicago Tapes, I think it was The Reals Secrets of Close-Up Magic. Anyways, there was a superb Cutting the Aces routine in there, and it uses a gimmicked card that was developed in the 1930's by a magician called Will...
  11. industrialchild

    Eugene Burger's Coin Clip

    Hello people, I have never really been a coin worker per-se, but I have mastered a few really great tricks. My favorite coin trick has always been Eugene Burger's 3 Coin Mystery. (Pure Magic!) The only problem was that I couldn't find the proper clip to make it work like it should. I have...
  12. industrialchild

    Is the most direct way, the best?

    I just wanted to know what you guys think. In your opinion, is it desirable for a trick to be direct in method but in turn lose some of it's impact. For instance, you learn an effect where the audience shuffles the pack and you produce the four aces. Good effect, however the method involves...
  13. industrialchild

    Why Hofzinser Ain't Around

    This is a demo of my variation on the Hofzinser Four Ace Plot. It uses a sequence and subtlety of a good friend of mine Steve Reynolds and a little touch by John Racherbaumer. Enjoy! Sincerely, David
  14. industrialchild

    Why Hofzinser Ain't Around

    This is a demo of my variation on the Hofzinser Four Ace Plot. It uses a sequence and subtlety of a good friend of mine Steve Reynolds and a little touch by John Racherbaumer. Enjoy!
  15. industrialchild

    My performance of Uncut Version by Paul Harris

    Hey guys, this is the first video in over a year that I posted on Youtube. Check it out and critique it. Sincerely, David
  16. industrialchild

    Magicians in Connecticut?

    Hello, this is David here and in less than a month I will by moving from my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana to East Lyme, Connecticut to live. If there are any forum members here that live in or around Connecticut respond to this thread. Sincerely, David
  17. industrialchild

    Exposing methods on the internet

    Hello fellow Theory 11 forum members. I would very much like to know your opinions on the subject of exposing magical secrets over the internet via Youtube and other such sites. All I know is about a month ago I invested around 30 dollars for an effect called Pressure and it was a very good...
  18. industrialchild

    Classics of Card Magic

    Hey guys, I want to go back to old school stuff. Any Classic card effect, or at least what people would consider classic. The only rules are: No video editing and no gaff cards/props of any kind. Just a deck, you, and some patter/music. If anyone is interested PM me.
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