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    Looks like you guys ARE the best!

    Just found this kind of interesting. Looks like theory11 really is the best!
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    What Would You Get

    I was just wondering, what would you have gotten with the 4.95 thing? Or, if you purchased something before it was disabled, what DID you get?
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    The Story Behind Scarne's Aces

    Just found this article and thought some of you guys would be interested. It's about Scarne fooling Arnold Rothstein and a band of cardsharks. A great read. Enjoy...
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    A Suggestion

    Since there have been many site suggestions I figured I'd spend my 2 cents also. I think we should have a separate forum section for Gambling Skill/Cheating. I believe Magic and Gambling Moves are two different forms of entertainment and should be treated as such. This section would be the same...
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    Five: Dan and Dave Notes

    Hello everyone. I haven't seen a review for this, so I thought I'd step up and make one. Five is D&D's fifth set of notes. I was not overly impressed with these but they're pretty good. They are sold in a PDF format and available for 15$ on their site. It is a good intro to their material for...
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    The Ripper; Performance

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share my performance of Lee Asher's four card production that he calls The RIPPER. Link removed. Still working on it. A double backed card is split into the four aces. By the way, this is not gimmicked or gaffed. It's completely impromptu. It's something I like to...
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    Royal Road - Favorites?

    I know this may seem like a pain, but can you guys tell me some of your favorite effects in The Royal Road to Card Magic? I have used the search button and all I found was Adjones review of it. Thanks!
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    Well, i don't perform often in school, but today I found some cards in my teachers drawers. Needles to say, I took two queen of spades and a 7 of diamonds and performed three card monte for one of my friends. I fooled him 3 times in a row and let him find the 7 the fourth time. After he did I...
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    My Change

    Hey all. This is my change. It does not overflow with originality so please don't claim that I am trying to be original. It's just something I like to play around with. All feedback is welcomed. Enjoy. Edit: Bad Performance. Link removed.
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    How do the 1 on 1's that cost money work? what happens after you pay for one? does it immediately download after you purchase it? Thanks, Corbin
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    Magical Advantages

    So, I was thinking to myself "Can magicians use their skills for things outside of magic?", and obviously, we can. I've noticed I've been able to handle a crowd better and speak up than before I started magic. What life advantages has magic given you? Im curious to see some answers. Corbin
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    Dr Jekyll Double - Josh Brand

    Performance: The following effect can be downloaded for FREE here ( at Josh's site. Description: A double lift from the center of the pack. Inspired by Larry Jennings, Dan and Dave Buck and Daniel Madison. Direct link to download free...
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    Gambling Related Card Tricks

    hey guys I'm in need of gambling related card tricks. If you don't know what I mean an example is Fan 2 C. Another is 4 Royal Flushes by John Scarne. I'd love some help. Thanks.
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    I cant make up my mind!

    I can't decide whether or not to get 1 of the following 3 things. Scarne on Card Tricks Royal Road to Card Magic Expert Card Technique The reason I cant decide is because royal road teaches a TON of things but I'm afraid it might be ultra super mega ultra uber newb. Expert Card Technique...
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    Gamblers Palm

    Anyone know where I can find a tutorial for this? A free one preferably? I know england teaches it for the Macmillan switch but I dont want to spend 7 bucks on a palm since I'm not interested in the switch...Thanks.
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    Diagonal Palm Shift

    So first off what is the point of this move gambling/cheating wise? I mean I know its a very deceptive control and great palm for magic but how would you use it in a gambling game scenario. You cant just randomly stick cards in the deck. Does it have any cheating purposes at all? I thought it...
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    "That's not Magic! Your just good with cards!"

    "Display of Ability EXCESSIVE vanity proves the undoing of many experts. The temptation to show off is great. He has become a past master in his profession. He can laugh at luck and defy the law of chance. His fortune is literally at his finger ends, yet he must never admit his skill or grow...
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    Top Shot : Lennart Green

    Wow...this is ridiculously difficult and after a week the card just barely shoots out maybe 1/20 of the time...I would really appreciate some tips on this. Usually when I do this I perform an accidental cardini change. Is that normal? I've also heard that it takes so long to learn because you...
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    Black Arcco's

    Anyone know where I can pick up some decks of these? I recently saw them in the virts performance of flicker. They look awesome. Thanks.
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    Favorite Spectators

    So...Who's your favorite spectator? (family? Random people on the street?) And what's your favorite "type" of spectator? Personally I enjoy performing for everyone but I love doing it for family. As far as type goes, I love an audience that watch the magic and enjoy it instead of not paying...
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