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    Hey people, I have an interesting question. I was doing magic once and somebody asked my why I did magic. I just said that I enjoyed it and did it as a hobbie. He asked "can you go to college with this stuff?" I was stumped. is this possible to go to college.
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    Do they respond?

    Hey there i was just wondering if the artists and JB and stuff read PM's and messages
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    Yes, i got a magicians dream. Not really, but i am allowed to have ANY 5 books about magic that i want. Just not too much price cause i dont want my family to live in boxes in kentucky. Sice my mom says i dont read for sh** i need ot get 5 big books. I am a card magician looking for...
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    Help - DVD

    after i showed some of my own material in a session down in Anaheim, they (respected magicians.. i think) said i should put together a small file or some media thing on my site (still in building stage). The problem is that i don't really have any professional crap like a green screen or...
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    Elevator A two card elevator
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    Card Trick

    can somebody give me any feedback password: Deception
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