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    Cardistry 101 Volume 2 - Where is it theory11?

    Topic says it all, how come no release :/
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    Best place for Cards

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone can recommend where I could get some Stud cards or Aladdin 1001's for a nice price. My problem is im situated in the Uk which is a bit of a problem as I loose waaaay too much money on postage from america :D, All suggestions welcome, also for any mods...
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    Four Queen Display

    Hey guys this is a quick four queen display I came up with as an alternative ending to dan and dave buck's "Queens" its a great trick, I just modified the last vanish and end with this usaully, I quite like it and I hope you do too any feedback is appriciated. Apologese in advance for some flare...
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