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    Just had tea with Derren Brown

    I just got back from having tea with Derren Brown!!!!!! I was expecting to only talk for like 20 minutes when he invited me for tea but we talked for over an hour before he had to leave to get ready to perform. It was so amazing! He looked at some of my best tricks and gave me critiques and...
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    Derren Brown brought me on stage!

    I just went to Derren Brown's Svengali show and Derren brought me on stage. He 'hypnotized' me, stuck a needle through my hand and just generally did amazing stuff. I showed him some of my own magic after the show and he gave me autographs AND his email. he told me to email him and he'd meet...
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    Completely Impromptu Best Performance of my Life

    I was a dinner when I came up with this concept and performed with no practice just going off of the concept. I'll tell the concept and if people like it then I'll post it to the wire under the name 'three-way' Here it is: The first spectator freely chooses a card. it is placed in the deck...
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    Basic Coin Magic?

    Hey guys, I've been doing lots of card and general magic for a long time now. Never really got into coin magic. What are the best sources of coin magic info?
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    How do you practice?

    Sup t11? When I get a new effect I'll watch the DVD or read the book and follow along as best I can while not really caring to get the move down perfectly. I'll watch it like 4/5 times and then practice on my own for a while remembering all the parts where I messed up. Then I'll go to sleep and...
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    Snap Change Variation

    I have the snap change video that t11 sells and I like it certain situations. I want to learn how to do this change that calen morelli does at 0:14 in the video: Yeah, so if anyone knows how to do it/where to learn it tell me!
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    Hey I was just wondering why a magician would teach another magicians effect on a dvd/download. For instance, SMOKE is taught by dan white but made by alan rorrison. Or how MDX4 is taught by eric jones but made by some other guy. Just wondering.
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    Can't remember the name of the movie but it was about kids/teenagers competing in a magic competition to be #1 teenage magician or something. Any ideas?
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    Two Handed Spread

    Hey t11. I can do a 'one handed' spread of the cards very well. I can't, however, do the spread that starts in one hand and ends in the other. I've seen loads of magicians do it but I can't seem to get the technique down. Can anyone point me in the direction of something teaching this?
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    Hofzinser Cards

    Hey everyone. I bought hofzinser cards at christmas. I really like them but i can't think of anything to do with them. Any recommendations for tricks? Thanks!
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    Tell me what you think!

    I recorded this like 3 months ago but I wanted to see what you guys thought of it. Has it been done before?
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    I love it when I can't think of anymore tricks to do and I just improvise one that knocks the socks off of the audience or when I mess up halfway through and save the trick through improvisation. Do you guys do this often? What are your favorite ways to improvise your way out of a sticky...
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    Most visual effect?

    What is the most visual effect you guys perform? Mine is either smoke, this 'n' that, orrr... VGH 2.0 by Calen Morelli. What about you guys? Why do you like it, and how is it visual?
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    Getting back into magic

    Hey everyone. I've been not practicing magic for about 4 months now. (various reasons, mainly lack of time) But I wanna get back in. Any tips?
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    Detailed list of different decks?

    So, I have been trying to find a good list of all (if not most) decks of cards. At this point I haven't been able to find any that are very detailed and that use High Res photos. If anyone could point me towards one that would be great. If one isn't in existence I think it would be really...
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    Favorite effect NOT using cards or coins?

    Mine is either Sugarfree by Calen Morelli or Orbit by Jeff Prace! Whats your favorite effect and favorite medium beside cards or coins? Mine is gum if you can't see ;)
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    I have $20, What should I buy?

    I can buy an unlimited amount of things but it must be under $20! Any category but I like cards the best. Thanks! :)
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    Breaking loops?

    Hi everyone! Quick question here. I have recently started using loops andam havinga little trouble with them. I mainly use them to move a fork on a table (effect that came with the loops.) and Occasionally they break. Any tips on stopping them from breaking?
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    Impromptu Magic?

    What are your guys favorite impromptu effects? (No setup!) Thanks.
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    Palming and Production.

    Hey everyone, I'm having a lot of trouble with palming a coin and making it appear. You know, grandpa makes the coin appear? I understand the method, but i can't slide the coin out of my fingers without a lot of trouble. Can anyone help me or tel me where to go for help?
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