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    Video Cutting

    Hi, Just some advice to people making videos: Try to cut the video before you stop it, there are so many videos that end in people pressing the button on the computer or something, just cut that out! It look ridiculously bad! Thank you very much, Tom.
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    Hedberg's Plunge

    Well, it's alright, not great, Try to work on making your classic palm look less obvious Also it's not too original, work on some new sleights and make a trick with them, see you can come up with, Tom.
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    Not Another Homepage

    Really good, liked the design, but one tiny thing, you mis-spelled mind-reading on the "main" page, but nice design, very well done.
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    Cardini - Snap Change

    Sorry For My Inherently Odd Posting Style, Gustav. But that's really interesting, I recommend you test different gestures out, you can get more out of it than I certainly thought you could. Thanks a lot everyone, Tom Field
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    Cardini - Snap Change

    Hello, I was just wondering, out of the people who do the wonderful Cardini-Snap Change, what cover or gesture do you do? Because obviously, there are many possibilities: A wave of the hand, a Buck-Styled flick, Or some of the ones that I realised upon recently, a click of the fingers...
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    Card Forces

    One good force from the bottom; I don't know it's name, and it hasn't got an official name as far as I know, but basically get into the position you do after a Hofzinser Cull, by pulling the bottom card under the spread with your right fingers, then let them touch any card, then square all the...
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    Osh Negash B'gosh

    The Buck Twin's style has already been discussed elsewhere. As for the question, I will make a brief video for you later on, If someone hasn't already, Tom Field
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    Poor Man's Concept

    Good, But work on the Visa Switch, try to make it more natural, Because you did it in a way that drew attention to it, Just do it naturally, Other than that, Good stuff, Tom Field
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    Is this a good excuse for NOT palming?

    Try other palms if you're not confident enough, My current favourite is the Gambler's Palm, I think, In which the card is curved width-wise, and held in between the First phalanx of your pinky and thumb, in doing this, You can keep you're hand flat, and easily get into other palms. Use other...
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    Coincedence? Maybe...

    No-one can be definite about whether the creation of the Clipshift was an accident from Aaron Fisher's move, even though, it could be very likely. However we can't know unless he confirms it.
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    Invisible Pass

    Akira Fuji's various pass videos have caused people to say he does a different pass that's invisible, but no evidence is apparent, as far as I know, and he just does a very good riffle pass. As said afore, the Backstage Pass is in Gregory Wilson's In Action! Also the slightly covered classics...
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    Fanning Powder On Plastic Coated Cards?

    No, it won't change it, because the way fanning powder is intended to work, is that the dimples on the cards hold the powder, plastic cards, generally don't have dimples, but if they do, then yes it will work. Also bear in mind, non-dimpled cards will be slightly affected by the powder but not...
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    Ali Bongo 1929-2009

    A great loss, rest in peace.
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    Goat/Carolina Change

    Read your Private Messages
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    andthensome double lifts

    It depends, If your tricks are full of flourishy things, then do it, it won't take away, it will add, it makes sense and brings a nice spin or throw etc. to most things, this is good. However if your performance is more simple, i.e. not that flourishy, then it would be foolish to do that, so in...
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    2 questions - 1 suggestion

    Hi, In terms of the double lift question, then I suggest something which I think is called the Perfect Double Push-off, I'm not sure about that, or the name, but as far as I know, it's just a push-off double lift the the two cards in perfect alignment. That's what I use, it obviously needs no...
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    Shade Video

    Thank you very much everyone, Tom Field
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    The Wire -- What's Going On?

    I do, I really do. Tom Field
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    Shade Video

    Hello, The video of the Shade intro / outro is one you may or may not be familiar with, However do any of you know the name of the muck done at 3.38, it's done two times throughout, also at 1.59, and it's very fast. Also if you could give a source that would be nice. And while we are here, the...
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    Vote: Pass Battle

    Well it is obviously a pass, it's not that hard, do a hermann pass as you bring the deck downwards meanwhile pushing the card in, it's not that hard, tally-ho did it well, but give it a try and you can see it's obviously a pass. tom field
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