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    Suggestions of good street artists wanted.

    I would suggest the work of Antony Jaquin, in particular a book called 'Reality is Plastic' and a set of DVD's called 'The Manchurian Approach' (I think thats what its called anyway). Have a nice day! Robbie
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    Card Glue

    I use 3M spray mount... Much quicker than RC :)
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    Magic of the mind

    Yeah that guy really pisses me off!.. He had no respect for magic what so ever and cheapens the art with every video he makes. Kinda ruins the evening when im doing a walkaround gig and someone knows how to do a trick because of a youtube video!
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    Can't Blacken cards with a lighter

    I had this problem when trying to burn cards using a bic style lighter, try using a zippo style lighter, and use the very tip of the flame to burn the card.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Animal Kingdom Lotto

    My Guess 1- Queen of Spades 4 of Hearts 9 of Clubs 2- 6 of Diamonds 8 of Spades 2 of Diamonds 3- 2 of Hearts Joker 8 of Clubs
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    Merry Christmas and a FREE PDF

    Nice! Nice stuff my man!.. Some illustrations might have been helpful at some points, drop me a message if you need an illustrator for future projects! Have a fine Christmas and new year pal! Robbie.
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    Looking for the name of a trick

    Is that 6 card repeat? Would be ncie to see a video of what you mean? Robbie
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    First Effect (Let's Face It) Up & Ready!

    Would be nice to see an un-cut performance?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Rearranging The Code

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