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  1. Big_Hoos

    Favorite ACR ending?

    I've actually designed one of my walkaround sets so that I use ACR to lead into Paperclipped. I'll admit this completely throws my previous criteria for "logic" out the window, but spectators take to it wonderfully!
  2. Big_Hoos

    Spend a week with Michael Ammar, W:H, Aaron Fisher, & Lee Asher

    I went to Magic Camp as a teenager, but it certainly didn't include the likes of Ammar et al. I'm envious of the campers! Howsa bout a "Performer's Academy" or something of the sort: weeklong workshop for pros & semipros (aka people like me too old to show up as a camper or counselor). I...
  3. Big_Hoos

    Made for Girls

    Hahahahaha holy **** this makes me feel old
  4. Big_Hoos

    Magic Essay - In Search of Street Magic

    Indeed, I'm quickly suspecting that this place may not be for me. Cool little effects and some good people putting thought into what they do, but a surprisingly high number of jerks too. I would've expected more camraderie and communication of ideas, less posturing and baiting. Sure, you're...
  5. Big_Hoos

    Magic Essay - In Search of Street Magic

    Lesson number one: don't take you seriously unless I want to be subjected to tedious internet hardman analogies. Done. I suppose the proper question is this: is your goal entertainment or status-seeking? Doc's point was that Geller (and Blaine and Angel and Houdini etc, name your favorite...
  6. Big_Hoos

    Magic Essay - In Search of Street Magic

    My, what a delicately painted straw man you've made here! I've always felt there's not any *magic* in the 'hey let me show you something interesting' approach. In this way you're essentially presenting what you do as a series of disconnected curosities and then running for the hills. While I...
  7. Big_Hoos

    Magic Essay - In Search of Street Magic

    Ah web forums...discussing formatting and ignoring content for more than 25 years!
  8. Big_Hoos

    Funniest reaction

    A few years back I made a cheerleader do a spontaneous high kick. "I don't know where that came from, I just got really excited I guess..."
  9. Big_Hoos

    Ambitious Card

    Learned the sleights from this kickass Bill Simon book and cobbled together a couple phases on my own, but I put together my first real multi-phase ACR with the help of this guy. We had a great, lengthy thread on ACR in the Card Magic section earlier this week, you guys should check it out!
  10. Big_Hoos

    Presentation Ideas for Bich's "Little House"

    Hey guys. I really love this effect, from Mathieu Bich's "Bich on PDF" notes. If you're unfamiliar, here's what the spectator sees: Three cards are removed from the performer's pocket. There is a large hole in each of the cards: two of them have holes shaped like houses, and one has a...
  11. Big_Hoos

    Signature changes cards or Signing two cards

    I'd forgotten my buddy Cody Fisher does a version of this called "Final Fusion." It's in his Magic Castle Lecture Notes.
  12. Big_Hoos

    "The Real Secrets of Magic" by David Stone : THE BOOK

    To put it succinctly: no. The angles when working tables are still the same, hecklers are still a little drunk, food will often show up right at the CRUCIAL CLIMAX of your routines, and waitresses still want you to get the hell out of their way. The mechanics of walkaround are the same, the only...
  13. Big_Hoos

    Intermediate Card Magician looking for new material

    Jay Sankey's "Hypervisual" DVD will teach you some fun and useful color changes and it comes with some gaffes that help you utilize those changes for really cool effects. Plus I think it's still on sale for $25. Bill Malone's "Sam the Bellhop" DVD is an indisputable classic and you'll learn a...
  14. Big_Hoos

    Goals for the end of summer '08

    Perhaps a bit ambitious, but by September I plan to have done the following: -Woodshed, woodshed, woodshed until various new effects/sleights are as natural as breathing -Finish designing 3 separate walkaround routines (of 3 effects each) -Dry run these routines at my girlfriend's birthday...
  15. Big_Hoos

    Jay Sankey

    I just bought Hypervisual from Sankey Magic when I saw that it was on sale for $25. Lots of great stuff going for another couple hours, you should catch it if you can. Looking forward to receiving the DVD.
  16. Big_Hoos

    Favorite ACR ending?

    My complaint with most C2ILs (if you'll forgive the abbreviation) is that they aren't justified even within the context of the routine. Why should the card shoot to my pocket other than "because I said so?," and shouldn't the logic behind our magic be a bit more compelling than that? I'll...
  17. Big_Hoos

    Signature changes cards or Signing two cards

    Crystal Method looks amazing!
  18. Big_Hoos

    Your Performance Persona

    A wonderfully detailed response! Thank you!
  19. Big_Hoos

    Akira Fuji performing for Bill Malone

    Guess he won't be releasing any new teaching materials any time soon though... :( "Will you be releasing any of your idea and techniques in books or videos? pollomagic (3 weeks ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Reply This point is no. but I try make new coin DVD until few years. "
  20. Big_Hoos

    Akira Fuji performing for Bill Malone

    Akira has his own YouTube channel!
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