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    Unleashed by Gregory Wilson Hey does anybody know if clothing restrictions are needed for this effect? Thanks guys!
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    Welcome to My World by John Stessel

    Product: Welcome To My World by John Stessel Price: 22.50 (Full disclosure John is a friend of mine) So basically this is a composition of 7 of Johns favorite effects. He didn't release this DVD through any company he simply released through himself...
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    Rob Anderson?

    Anyone know where Rob went? Haven't seen him or heard of him in a very long time....
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    Lockdown by Rob Greenlee

    Effect: Got gum?In an instant a SIGNED dime passes into a SEALED pack of gum.The effect is quick, visual, and you will be able to perform shortly after your DVD arrives. A special gimmick is INCLUDED, fits on your key-chain. • Easy to perform, very visual • Sets up in three seconds • Ends clean...
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    iLogo by Craig Squires

    Effect: Imagine taking your spectators iPhone 4/4s and sliding the logo right to the other end of the phone. They clearly see the space where the logo used to be ( they can even touch it, it's really not there ). After your spectators have picked their jaws back off the floor, you slide the logo...
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    Fade by Chris Mayhew

    Fade by Chris Mayhew Effect: With no overt movements, no false throws - in fact, with seemingly no movement at all - Chris manages to come out one step ahead of his spectator every single time. A 3 card monte routine using no table and all in...
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    Penguin on Vertigo? Why is theory11 letting penguin sell their effect? Just a pet peeve of mine. Adam Rose
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    Window Cyll by Vincent Mejia?

    Anybody know anything about this effect that just got released a little while ago? Fits my style and looks interesting but wondering if anyone had any reviews or thoughts on it. Thanks guys! Adam Rose
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    Christen Gerhart?

    Am I the only one who has no idea who she is?... Can anyone fill me in here?
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    Art of Magic

    I am a college student and am in a theater lecture class and my professor was talking about how theater is one of the only live performing arts and how it changes every time performed and that's why its so special and etc. Of course, I raised my hand and said, "What about magic? Its a live...
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    The Rose Project

    This is my first magic product release and I think you guys will really like this. It's all very practical and things that have worked for me for years, so be sure and check this one out you won't be disappointed! The Rose Project...
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    I was performing for a group of people the other day and I said something and someone yelled out, "Well, your a magician of course we can't trust you." Now I just laughed this off and continued but I didn't how I should take it. Should I take it as a compliment that the audience thinks that...
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    Penguin Magic's Attempt at The Wire

    Ya...... Thoughts?
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    Gone by Cody Nottingham

    New company project. Obviously not professionally shot but, I honestly do like this trick and the fact that people are out there trying and coming up with some great effects is a great honor to magic. What are your guys thoughts on this effect. Thanks...
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    Dana Hocking?

    I know he makes a lot of the old theory11 music and did some music for Wayne Houchin. But, I can't seem to find any of his music being sold anywhere. Anyone know where I can find his music? I checked itunes and got nothing. Thanks guys!
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    No tricks up on The Wire?

    There is still no new tricks up on The Wire yet. Also, I thought it went live a little while ago and j bayne promised some videos up a couple days ago I think. So I was just wondering what's been going on. I know they're very busy but just wondering when we can expect some new downloads.
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    Stitch by David Gabbay?

    Anybody have any thoughts on this or know anything about it? Looks really awesome to me. Thanks!
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    Next Effect?

    I know Calen is working with David right now but do you know if or when he is coming out with another project?
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    Second Video Attempt

    So this is my second magic compilation video attempt. I am in no way a expert but I tried. So let me know what you guys think! Thanks!
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