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    Best gifts for magicians

    Hi, what are some of your favorite gifts for magicians? It could be anything magic related whether a trick, book OR something that just looks or feels magical/impossible. Any answers would greatly be appreciated!
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    Question for Aronson Stack (or any stack)

    Hi, recently I decided to commit to learning Aronson stack and I know it will help me in my future of magic. I've tried many methods on learning and none have worked well for me. One idea that I've heard however sounds promising. The idea of listening to a song with the cards and numbers in it...
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    Mnemonica stack help

    Hi, I know Mnemonica stack is great for magic and I am planning on learning it. I don't have a very good memory, so is there any tips, tricks, apps or ideas I should know before jumping into all of this? Thanks!
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    Does anyone know a black art close up pad that is affordable and in stock?

    The Matrix pad is too expensive, and the islands close up pad is out of stock everywhere. Thanks!
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    Whats the trick called in which a spectator hears a voice in their mind telling them something?

    What is this called and where can I purchase some sort of effect like this? Thanks!
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    What are some iPhone magic apps that are actually worth getting?

    I've looked but haven't found many apps. Any help would be appreciated!
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    What are some youtube channels that teach how to make gimmicks?

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