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  1. Ghost89

    What's a good bill switch?

    Hey guys, Ive been looking for a good bill switch (thumb tip or no thumb tip) just to throw in one of my routines...I know theres a lot of bill swiches out there (blue crown has one with misprinted bill) and theres some good on penguin magic, and other magic sites. I would really appreciate some...
  2. Ghost89

    Any other good card magic books?

    Anyone know any good titles of books involving card magic? besides royal road? I wanna learn more slights and techniques to become a better card technician, I already own royal road to card magic and read it, studied it fairly well
  3. Ghost89

    Cigarette Magic?

    anyone know where i could learn some cigarrate vanish routines? like the ones cyril uses in his performance? any books, dvds, references?
  4. Ghost89


    Anyone know where I can learn this routine? I know Chris Kenner pretty much created this effect, and its one of my favorite card tricks although i would rarely use it in the future due to its complexity and risk of angles. Does Blue Crown have their own interpretation of this trick? All comments...
  5. Ghost89

    yo whats up man! im new to this forum site but i been doing magic for a while, glad to meet...

    yo whats up man! im new to this forum site but i been doing magic for a while, glad to meet people like you who keep magic alive, feel free to hit me up whenever on theory 11 whenever you wanna discuss anything involving magic bro -David
  6. Ghost89

    how to get rid of nerves

    sometimes when I perform in front of people, my hands start to shake and i do routines pretty fast. I wanna get over this already even though its normal for anyone who perform in a large crowd. Any advice or tips? please feel free to share personal experiences
  7. Ghost89

    Is it good to be a bit too "flashy"

    Just wanted to know what you guys think about magicians who do a lot of fancy flourishes/card work when doing a trick. A magic buddy of mine said that being a bit too flashy when doing cards automatically causes the spectator to focus even harder on what the magician is doing. However, I would...
  8. Ghost89


    How often do you use misdirection in your performances and how to use it? When do you use it?
  9. Ghost89

    Magic Books that are now on DVD

    highly recommend royal road to card magic dvd set (paul wilson), but thats only if you've read the book, having the book and the dvd should allow you to become an expert on card magic. But then again, everyone learns differently, so try out to different sources, and see what suits you best. :)...
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