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  1. Mugicano

    area 51 system

    Hey guys! I'm trying to get some info in the area 51 system, and I thought this was the perfect place Thanks!!
  2. Mugicano

    Why do you spend your life doing magic/cardistry?

    If, for some reason you get into magic/cardistry, you will notice that it stops being a hobby, and it sometimes (if you're lucky enough) it becomes a lifestyle. You're always practicing, you are well known as "the magician",you're always thinking of new ideas to add to your presentations and you...
  3. Mugicano

    A Quote

    This guy is really freaking the hell out of me.....
  4. Mugicano

    Going Away for 10 Weeks

    Good luck!
  5. Mugicano

    theory11 special bulletin - At This Moment

    I think I can speak for all of us when I say we are proud to be part of the community, thanx for 3 great years of magic
  6. Mugicano

    Draven Reviews: Smoke

    You say you are able to take part of the water in their bodies and transform it into steam thru the portal.
  7. Mugicano

    Draven Reviews: Smoke

    My version for portal (that solves the dot problem) is to draw the dot on the palm of the spectator, and that way you make the spectator feel part of the trick.
  8. Mugicano

    Why are we clones?

    I think it is basically a part of our path to learning how to be ourselves and, in this case, great magicians (at the same time). You learn to read by repeating someone else. You develop your personality copying bits of the personality of people you admire,etc... The problem is, people stay in...
  9. Mugicano

    How to Tie, Store, & Carry Loops (Video)

    Very useful, thanx!!!
  10. Mugicano

    Split Spades Collectors Decks

    Just wanted to hear some thoughts about a pack of two bee casino quality decks (Black and inverted black, one of them signed by Blaine) I might get my hands on.
  11. Mugicano

    Sentinels One Way Design?

    If the one way design is near the edge, riffle down the cards, it's really easy to notice. This way you know if cards are marked too (Unless they use UV ink or stuff..)
  12. Mugicano


    =) I don't live in the states... And actually get paid pretty well (in my opinion) because not a lot of young people perform magic. It's not the country, it's who you perform for. Anyway, glad to hear your thoughts. Mugicano
  13. Mugicano


    It's funny how some show disrespect to what they don't understand, or is different. Some people spend their lives trying to stand out the less they can, and do what everyone else does. That's why I like to be different, and that's what makes magic so special. And, probably what makes some people...
  14. Mugicano

    The Devils Picture Book

    I bet you wish it was true... Jajajaja, funny guy...
  15. Mugicano

    The Devils Picture Book

    I bet YOU are the nerd in every class. Get a life. A legal one.
  16. Mugicano

    credit card number Mentalism.

    get it written down and do some pen reading...
  17. Mugicano

    Youth Magicians - What Would You Ask the Pro's?

    Best ways of controlling the funny guy you always get in a big audience? Best thing to do if an error occurs? Way of acting , type of tricks, etc... so that adults take you into account?
  18. Mugicano

    t11.bulletin - New Site Launched + New Products

    just made me cry... Am I in paradise???
  19. Mugicano

    just wondering...

    Hey guys! Just wanted to know the "value" (apart from the sentimental part) of a deck of cards. They are KEM plastic playing cards from 1935, with a floral kind of back, coming in a double box, bridge style, one deck still with cellophane the other brand new. Thanks, Mugicano
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