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    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 awards

    Calen Morelli Chase Duncan Spidey
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    Why was collins key able to get so popular

    Honestly i really hate how other magicians hate on him, lots of haters in the magic community which makes me sad :( , stop being jealous, most of the people talking s*** have been a magician for way longer than he is and hasn't gotten even close to how succesful he has become . The fact that...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Under Control

    Congrats to the winner!!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Under Control

    Trippy Control by Jesus Puerta Here is one of my controls that is really simple to do and fun.I hope you like it :)
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    Magic on a Airplane // Jesus Puerta

    Hey guys i just wanted to share a quick CARDISTRY X MAGIC video with you guys.I filmed this over the holidays .I hope you like it. Thank you- Jesus :)
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    What's one deck you wish you owned?

    golden nuggets are just perfect
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    Happy Holidays Magic//Jesus Puerta

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!!! I just posted a quick magic video that i think u guys will like. Check it out, it would meant alot .Thanks :) -Jesus
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    Introducing Myself

    welcome to the forums man! you will have lots of fun and congrats on the gig!
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    Yeah , i didnt really notice that until now .but i usually perform it directly in front and it looks good.Ill film it again ,thanks :)
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    Hey guys here is a control that I created along time ago ,as you may have seen in my previous videos.I call it the VulgarVillain. Please tell me what you think of it and if you have any tips or suggestions.I would really appreciate. Thanks Guys :) , Jesus Puerta
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    Commercial Help

    Whats up guys! I recently got the chance to be sponsored by a clothing line as a street magician.We are going to do a commercial together that will be up on youtube. Do u guys have any advices or things you think would be cool in the video?? I am also going to be performing quick effects...
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    IM STILL ALIVE. /Jesus Puerta

    Hey guys!! i know its been a while since i posted a video but, ive been busy. im not dead.just making sure. i will try to be more consistent on here. Here is a video i posted yesterday.I hope u guys like it.:) If u have any advice.Comment.
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    Stuck in a Car with Four French People

    where is it at??
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    Saturday Night Contest - Set The Record Straight

    we need shin lim to do his palms for this one
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    Runaway//Jesus Puerta

    Hey guys i just wanted to share a quick video that i posted of some moves ,that i filmed about a year ago. Im posting it here, because for some reason my videos never get accepted to the media section. :( idk y? Thanks for WATCHING GUYS, ,any...
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    Chubby Production by Jesus Puerta

    i know which production u are talking about .but the playing card is not clipped by my fingers i will assure u
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    Chubby Production by Jesus Puerta

    u are correct. iwould never use this for a real perfromance but i thought this was a pretty neat and new card production.Thanks Man :)
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    Chubby Production by Jesus Puerta

    Hey guys so here is a quick single card production that i just wanted to share with u guys. Please dont be shy :) Id love to hear your thoughts.
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    The bongo change

    id say the angles would be horrible.practice before u show something.u flashed
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    California :Meetups/Jams

    southern california.maybe the magic apple
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