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    FOURFIT :: Restoration #1

    Hey guys, So here are just my thoughts on Fourfit and Restored by lloyd. Restored by lloyd angles are good, however there isn't that visual aspects and cleanliness to it that Fourfit has. Fourfit is an extremely well thought out routine, and the teaching is second to none. Shot in 1080p...
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    Not fit for the Wire :(

    hey goatears, I like the effect a lot! unfortunately, I think the production value just isnt there. And maybe if you made it a little smoother that could help. Also, music counts too! Shin
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    Shin Lim's Flawless

    shin lim Hi Sovex, You are more than welcome to send me a private message, or you could email me at my private email i will be more than happy to answer your questions:
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    Shin Lim's Flawless

    Hi guys, I admit I missed out on some very important credits here, one of them being Card Control by Arthur Buckley. And I am truly sorry if I have offended anybody in any way. Again, I am truly sorry. I was ignorant, and had left out research in this area, and had only given credit to the books...
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    Shin Lim's Flawless

    Hello trini, Lets clear things up: first off, the method in flawless is different compared to the move taught in card control. Yes, there is similarities in the overall concept of flipping over a double, but the sleights are different. If you would like an in depth look on the sleight taught in...
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    New release on E. Check it out

    Hey guys, Here's my first new release on my rendition of "twisting the aces"
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