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  1. Bill Charlton

    Split Spades Differences

    I would assume the inverted one means the red one.Yes , they are different but only in terms of the design , which is inverted.
  2. Bill Charlton

    theory11 Decks

    Just get Tally-Hos.They last much longer if they are the Q1 Ohio ones.Fanning and other capabilities of T11 decks don't last as long as Q1 Tally Hos for me.Just get the Sentinels , they are great.
  3. Bill Charlton

    t11 bulletin - SMOKE + STRIKE + Uncut Sheets

    What was wrong with asking that ? I could only get that kind of info from someone who is close with USPCC and one of them is JB.
  4. Bill Charlton

    t11 bulletin - SMOKE + STRIKE + Uncut Sheets

    'theory11 is the only major company in magic to print exclusively on the web (casino) press in Q1 quality. Witness quality in its uncut form.'' I'm stumped.Do the cards get classified when the quality is confirmed ? Does Q1 mean more people watching while the cards print ? If you can print in...
  5. Bill Charlton

    Interests That Coincide With Magic

    For me , it would be collecting antique.
  6. Bill Charlton

    Ethics Question

    So its fine ? I don't make money off magic since I have a real job and the only times I get money are tips.
  7. Bill Charlton

    Ethics Question

    So if I figured out an effect from the trailer or promotional video , must I pay for it just to have the right to perform it ? Its like you , finding a used book on the floor and then searching endlessly for the shop that sold it so that you could pay for it before reading it.Is it logical ? I...
  8. Bill Charlton

    Smoke Stock

    JB said it was most likely going to be next week.
  9. Bill Charlton

    Draven Reviews: Smoke

    I did not think that it was exposure.I do think that some parts could have been written better though as people might misinterpret it as exposure.
  10. Bill Charlton

    Smoke And Mirrors V4

    Yeah , they will be in infinite amounts like Guardians , Centurions , Propaganda and Stingers.
  11. Bill Charlton

    Tricks for School

    I used to perform Card Through Window in school a few years back.However , you must pick your window very carefully.I wished I could have performed Window though.
  12. Bill Charlton

    Draven Reviews: Theory11 Customer Service

    Sorry , I meant a nearby card store. EDIT : This is definitely NOT Q1 quality although my deck was much more centered.
  13. Bill Charlton

    Draven Reviews: Theory11 Customer Service

    I bought one from a nearby store and it was abit off centered.Measured it but it isn't Q1.It is still not very noticecable.I like the deck andI will definitely get more.
  14. Bill Charlton

    Luke Jermay - Buyer Beware

    I am wondering if it is posibble to take him to court.
  15. Bill Charlton

    Question: Old Guardians

    They have the old stock but you should also get the ones that T11 sells.They feel much better , last longer in my opinion.Also , the box looks nicer.
  16. Bill Charlton

    Sentinels Review, Part 1

    I don't get it why people are so pumped up over the Sentinals.Sure , they are DEFINITELY a big improvement from other T11 decks but being Q1 isnt nothing new.Tally Ho decks from MJM (which are my primary decks) have always been Q1.I will get some of the Sentinals though because I need a fresh deck.
  17. Bill Charlton

    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    What inspired you to come up with the Sentinel deck design ? What made you update this website ? Did you have fun while updating this website or selling the Sentinels ?
  18. Bill Charlton

    Split Spades Lions vs. Smoke and Mirrors V4

    I see , I will see how I can correct my post.
  19. Bill Charlton

    Split Spades Lions vs. Smoke and Mirrors V4

    Hey guys , no , this thread is not a 1 on 1 battle thread for a deck but rather a thread seeking opinions and other people's comparisons of this deck. Box : Both look equally nice at first but the S&M box would sometimes have Metallic Ink smudged onto the box.The Split Spades box is very...
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