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    Gold Artisan's???

    I think I managed to cheekily get my hand on a deck from black friday
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    Holiday Prize Wheel

    Hey I was just wondering if anybody knew when the holiday prize wheel event starts/started Thanks, Kelby
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    Card Click

    Is there any easy way to fix card click? I had my deck in my pocket it the card clip and it still has card click... it doesn't usually happen but I was just wondering if anyone knows a fast easy was to get rid of it
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    Okay thanks man :)
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    Can you elaborate??
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    is the monarch deck worth the price ?

    Personally I love every deck from theory11 they're all very high quality! I recommend the monarchs they're a great deck
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    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone would/could help me out with some cute ideas to ask a girl to prom with magic (preferably card) i was thinking something like a twist on french kiss but im open to anything thanks a lot guys!
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    Card Care

    What is the material on top and bottom of the cards??
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    Card Care

    Helped a little bit but not much any other ideas??
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    Card Care

    Hi I recently Bought 12 white and gold monarchs (love them) and I took a deck to school with me and kept them in my pocket and now a few cards are bent slightly and wont rework back.. I've left them in their box with some weight on them for about a week and a half and they still haven't fix...
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