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    Thanks bro....thr name of the flourish is bullet time by chris hestness :)
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    I just wanted some feedback on the moves i do in this video :)
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    Brian Tudor. Ugh. just gonna say this...i hate tudor and i hate his 'style' its "fast" but its way to sloppy and it doesnt look smooth the way card magic or flourishing should look like...i know this had nothing to do with magic dvds but i just wanted to say this
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    Saturday Night Contest - t11 Scavenger Hunt v2

    1. Jason England was once mistaken for Mr. Incredible in a comic book store. 2. Homer Liwag used to live in Saudi Arabia. 3. Katie Egleston Drove four-wheelers on the beach of Cyprus shortly after getting married. 4. Dave Buck Battled Chad Nelson in a card war on the streets of Hollywood. 5...
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    Even more

    after getting a good response on my 'just a thought' change i made another video of me doin it 3 more times :) tell me wat u think
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    Just a thought

    i know i was just messing around and i got this...i would never use this live its just too risky but i uploaded this nevertheless....and yes many magicians i showed it to liked it alot
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    Just a thought this video was not editied other than the music.....its me doig a top shot change i created :)
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    Transpire a melt through card effect using the DMB spread control thus the name
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    Confused this me doing move i came up with and the end is a zoso change and a cleanup i came up with
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    Saturday Night Contest - {member+mashup} 2010

    here is my entry 11 seconds hope u like it.
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    Saturday Night Contest - {member+mashup} 2010

    this video is 20 seconds...sorry but please include it i promise you'll love it
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    This is a change i came up with tell me wat u think :) ive seen the unknownmagician93 but im not sure if he uses the sane technique. ENJOY!
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    Traveling to NYC from Europe

    Hey Tony! hey man i was on your website and some of ur videos require a password where do i get that from or is it just for the people who u really know?
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    Magic with One Hand?

    practise the clipshift if u know how to do it or look at some of rene levand videos
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    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    1. why and who came up with name and logo of theory11 2. why do the senitals have the pyramid and the eye....something to do with the illuminati or is JB interested in conspiracy theories(theory11 eh?) 3. Will u guys ever make a major dvd project in which ever magician will teach their...
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