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    White Lions

    Does anybody know what time White Lions are coming out tomorrow?
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    Can you still order stuff off of maydey anymore?
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    New cards

    I'm thinking about buying a new deck of cards. Any ideas which cards should i get?
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    Good Prices

    Do you guys think $39.99 usd is a good price for 2 sm v5 and 2 sm v4?
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    Does anybody know any good dealers on ebay who sell cards?
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    Smoke and Mirrors v4?

    Is ther any other website that sell smoke and mirror v1-v3 besides eBay?
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    DeckONE v2 - What's the difference?

    What's the difference between Deck one v1 and Deck one v2?
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    is 300 dollasrs too much to pay for a deck of JN's
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    Dealing Dueces

    Is the website Dealing Deuces a legit stie to buy off of?
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    Any Idea

    Any idea were to buy Propaganda?
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    I just opened up a brand new deck of Centruions and they're already clumping!
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    Guardians sold in stores

    So I was at K-mart and saw some Guardians and I was wondering if they were the same thing as the one's sold here on T11?
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    White Centurions?

    Is there any other site besides ebay that sell these?
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    I just ordered some cards I picked priority shipping how long does that usually take to ship?
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    Black Scorpion?

    I'm thinking about getting this deck. Before I do what are some pro's and con's about the deck?
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    Black Scorpion

    Is the Black Scorpion deck worth to get,becasue I've heard people who like it and don't like it.
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    The 1 Eyed Jack

    Does anybody know how long it takes to order cards form the
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    Split Spades

    Are David Blaine's Split Spades worth to get off his website, if not where else can I buy them?
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    Is the One Eyed Jack a legit website to buy cards from?
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    Any ideas?

    Any ideas on how to do an easy faro? If so, what deck is preferable?
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