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  1. Spanker

    URGENT - Working for a Magic Coffee Company

    Hello guys. A cofee company wants to hire me to do some magic to promote their brand. But they want me to do a think that I think doesn't exist. The want me to do 3 cup monte, with their cups and one capsule. I think they are confusing it with 3 card monte. (They are mixing 3card monte and cups...
  2. Spanker

    Help, all my cards are bending

    Hello. What's happening over her ? I got a lot of cards and all of these are bending.... Arcane, D&D, Normal Bees, Wynn.... How can I have them back to normal ? Is this all humidity ? What can I do about that. I'm a bit worried, I've ordered a lot of decks and they all are fell awful...
  3. Spanker

    Voting Open: 4Aces Routine

    Link: Critics and rates 1/5 to 5/5 HD Here:
  4. Spanker

    Live Performances

    Live Performances Information: You can do ANY trick you want. You just need to pick people to watch you trick: Street Friends Parents Single Person Time to do the video: More than 5 Days (we need to set the time) Rules: 1. You must perform it for someone. 2. Any kind of editing. 3. Any...
  5. Spanker

    Bottle Penetrations By Luis Pereira // Performance

    Beta Version n1 of my final compilation The tricks I've done are: - Factory Sealed - Bullet - Waterfall Say what u think, I ll add more people soon. The subs aren't fully there, I've just added some.
  6. Spanker

    Factory Sealed and Water Fall // Performance I'm new in magic. I'm doing a big video with coin penetrations. This is just a begin. Just want to hear some comments
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