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  1. Bill Charlton

    Split Spades Lions vs. Smoke and Mirrors V4

    Hey guys , no , this thread is not a 1 on 1 battle thread for a deck but rather a thread seeking opinions and other people's comparisons of this deck. Box : Both look equally nice at first but the S&M box would sometimes have Metallic Ink smudged onto the box.The Split Spades box is very...
  2. Bill Charlton

    Jackson 5 vs Pandora

    Which flourish do you guys find more visually impressive , Jackson 5 or Pandora ? Personally for me , it is Jackson 5.
  3. Bill Charlton

    Greek Deal

    So does that make the bottom deals , second deals and center deals 'useless' (lack of better word) ? I have always thought about this but I really need an answer.I'm just curious if the Greek Deal allows you to deal the 2nd to 52nd card from the deck , does that mean that other deals become...
  4. Bill Charlton

    My Apology

    Dear fellow T11 forum members , I apologise for my immature behaviour over the past few days.I am sorry if I have offended anybody in this forum including Jonathan Bayme , William Draven and some others.I have realised my mistakes , did a reflection and am now trying to change my...
  5. Bill Charlton

    Split Spades Lions - Question

    When would the Split Spades Lions be in stock at Theory 11 ? Why were the Split Spades Lions out of stock ? EDIT: Are the Split Spades Lions still being produced at the new Kentucky facility or are they no longer being produced ? Thanks.
  6. Bill Charlton

    theory11 deck disappointment

    I bought a few Guardians and Centurions from a very reputable card shop and I must say that they are of very poor quality.When I opened the Guardians , they clumped right out of the box and warped in all directions.I also could not fan them.After second thoughts , I opened the Centurions , with...
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