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    Mating call by Alvo Stockman.

    I was just browsing around the web and found this by accident on Penguinmagic. I love card forces and i have heard some great things about Alvo Stockmans products so i decided to buy this download since it was only 5.95. What they say: The Effect The Neat Freak Force is as fun to execute...
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    How many copies does a magic book sell?

    Just a bit curious. Does anyone know how many copies a popular magic books sells? Say a book like Paul Harris The Art of Astonishment.
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    Need some help. A talk about Magic and magic history.

    Hello! I need some help. Im working on a school project for my history class. We are going to make a short talk about the history of art like music, theatre, painting etc. I would like to talk about the history of magic. But i dont know where to start. Could someone give me some advice...
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    Is the magic community shrinking?

    A few years ago when David Blaine and Criss Angel had their first tv shows the magic community really expanded. When a new product were going to be released the hype were huge. Endless threads about new effects would pop up everywhere etc. One thing i have noticed latly is that Internet...
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    Daniel Garcia Project 4 - 6 on Theory11?

    Hello! The Daniel Garcia project vol 4 - 6 is going to be released tomorrow. But what about the Theory11 release? I have heard that theory11 would sell them and that they would be offering them as Downloads. But i have not heard anything about it for a while. So i guess they wont be selling...
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    Scarne on Card tricks.

    Jason Englands 1 on 1 on book recommendations were awsome. Did you get any of the books on the list? One of the books i got that i think is really overlooked is Scarne on Card tricks. Its a fantastic collection of great card magic. I think a lot of people stay away from it because its "easy"...
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    The new designer shirts?

    I was thinking about getting the awsome looking new shirts that theory11 are selling. But does anyone know about the sizes and how big they are? Medium, large and x large does not say very much really. Sometimes Large can be really smal and sometimes it can be so huge that you and your...
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    The Annotated Erdnase?

    I have never been that much into Erdnase before but i feel its time for me to study the books a little more in detail. Does anyone have the Annotated Erdnase by Darwin Ortiz? If so is it worth getting?
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    Sentinel quality problem?

    I have been a huge fan of the cards that Theory11 have produced and i have alwayz been amazed by the high quality and insane amount of abuse they can take before they wear out. I think my last deck of Stingers lasted since my birthday which is on the 17th of may until about 1 week ago. Almost 3...
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    Criss Angel / Twilight

    Ok, so the thread "It's Our Fault Criss Angel Is Famous" sadly got closed. I would like to continue a similar discussion. Please keep in mind that this thread is NOT ABOUT CRISS ANGEL and wheater or not he is good or bad or whatever. Can you honestly say that magic is getting the respect and...
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    Chad Nelson's Classic / Riffle Pass

    Chad Nelson just released his thoughts on The Classic/Riffle pass on Dan and daves site as a on demand video. I got it and i think its great. You can find it here : What do you card guys and experienced "Passers" think about it?
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    Industry with no copyright protection? Lessons from fashion's free culture.

    I found this video and its quit interesting, its about copyright in the fashionindustry or i should say, the lack of one. Magic is also mentioned and why it cant be copyrighted. So this one crushes the myth that there is some kind of copyright on magictricks, even though some people and...
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    If you could start all over again..

    If you would start all over again in magic, what would you do different? What advice would you give yourself? What would you have spent less/more time on learning? What do you regret?
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    Old Magicians vs Young Magicians

    Why is that there lots of older magicians have problems with younger magicians? I think many of the younger magicians have more respect for the older magicians then the other way around. If you go over to the magic cafe where a lot of older magicians gather you can see a lot of talking down...
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    Advancing our art! Time to start caring about our audience.

    How are we going to take the art of magic to the next level and how are we going to get magic to be more well respected as an art form by the general public? This is a topic i see all the time and magicians love to have endless discussions about it but i never feel that the discussions gets...
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    Fanning cards?

    Hello! I have looked into most learning sources for fanning but i never got the hang of it. Now im really want to learn the normal two handed thump fan but im haveing no luck with it. How did your learning curve look when you stared learning it? How long did it take? Any overal...
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    Aaron Fishers One handed pop over move?

    Hello! I have been working on this move for a while and i have a problem with it. Everything works fine, but it is really slow. How did you get your upp to speed? Just keep doing it over and over?
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    Turnover pass?

    Hello! Which Turnover pass do you think is the best one? Can anyone recommend me where i can learn a good turnover pass?
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    Which sleights do you actually use?

    It seems like everyone is practicing like 126954 sleights at the time just to say that they can do them. But what sleights do you actually use on a daily basis? I use : The over hand shuffle control. Doubble undercut. 1 DL Classic color change A few forces. And ofcourse some...
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    New 1-on-1 tonight?

    I know that allot of people hates threads like this but. Will there be a new 1 on 1 tonight? :D
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