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    Video Cutting

    Hi, Just some advice to people making videos: Try to cut the video before you stop it, there are so many videos that end in people pressing the button on the computer or something, just cut that out! It look ridiculously bad! Thank you very much, Tom.
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    Cardini - Snap Change

    Hello, I was just wondering, out of the people who do the wonderful Cardini-Snap Change, what cover or gesture do you do? Because obviously, there are many possibilities: A wave of the hand, a Buck-Styled flick, Or some of the ones that I realised upon recently, a click of the fingers...
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    Shade Video

    Hello, The video of the Shade intro / outro is one you may or may not be familiar with, However do any of you know the name of the muck done at 3.38, it's done two times throughout, also at 1.59, and it's very fast. Also if you could give a source that would be nice. And while we are here, the...
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    Hi, I made a video out of boredom, thought you may be interested, feedback appreciated, tom field
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    The Science of Magic

    Hello all. I realised recently something, something which I have referred to as The Science of Magic, or Flourishing. Now what is this? Well this phrase, in my mind, refers to how something works, whether it be what kind of pressure and where it is necessary to get things to work, or even how a...
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    Hard Coin Magic

    Hello, I am simply asking, any tricks, books or anything with hard coin magic. I'm talking the hardest coin magic you can think of, just say it and give a source if possible. Thanks, Tom Field
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    Second Deal Copyright

    Hi, If I were to for example write a document for sale in the magic community, and it was a trick that included second dealing in it. Who would I need permission form to teach that, who owns the copyright for second dealing? Thanks, Tom Field
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    Blood Transfusion

    Hello all, This is another trick of mine called blood transfusion. Two cards, both face-up, one on top the other protruding in the centre, transpose with a mere wave of the hands. Feedback appreciated, Thanks, Tom Field.
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    Rising Card - Question

    hello, this is a thread made to ask, could you all give me as many versions and sources of rising card tricks, I don't mean rise out the deck, I mean like in an ACR, and not an elevator, something like daniel garcia's fallen, a gradual rise up the deck, Micheal Paul's UVAC, so as many...
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    Mule Change

    Hi, Some of you may have seen some of my videos, and some of them use a move I invented called the Mule change, This is a video of my mule change, and before any of you say so, this is not the once in a lifetime, carolina click, GOAT or any other change, I invented this independently, so...
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    One Card Shifts

    Hello there, On a forum somewhere, I saw a thing saying to make a video of what you are working on, I did this, but then I lost the location of that thread; but I thought why not show you the video anyway, this is a video of a few things I have been doing recently, enjoy, feedback...
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    Blood Change

    Hi, some of you may have seen some of my other videos before, a lot of them use the Blood Change, this is a video showcasing this colour change, feedback appreciated, tom field
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    Created Bound Battle

    a trick in which a card becomes bound to a taped up deck, self created. anyone up for a battle following the above criteria?
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    Created Sandwich Battle

    anyone up for a created sandwich battle
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    Inversion Battle

    Hi, anyone up for an inversion battle? tom field
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    The Conjoined Boogie

    Hi, This is my effect in which a seven is split into an ace and a six, only to be returned back to it's original form. Feedback appreciated, Tom Field
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    Hi, This is a video of my effect where a taped up deck, and a selection combine. This may not make sense, so either watch it here, or know that this was my version of daniel madison's BOUND. Feedback appreciated, and like all of my videos, for your own sake, watch in high quality. Tom Field
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    Glass Demon

    Hi, This is a video of my sandwich effect. Feedback appreciated, Tom Field
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    Inversion Effect

    Hi, Some of you may have watched this, but this thread is the official advertisement for my trick, if you will. Feedback appreciated. Tom Field
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    Hi, This is just a video of three or four flourishes I did whilst making another video. Not much but thought you may be interested. Watch in High Quality Opinions welcome. Tom Field
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