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    Some Footage of my Clipshift

    Its pretty good for a month of practice. ;) I would say, however, that when you shake for the clipshift, it should be a consistent shake. You tend to shake the deck, then pause for a moment, then shake again. It destroys the rhythm of the change. And as for the Carnahan fan, only one...
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    Tricks and Flourishes for Beginners

    I wouldn't recommend Showoff with Cards. Most of the things, even the simplest of things are taught wrong. I recommend investing on Xtreme Beginners. The quality of the teaching is much higher than Showoff with Cards, and a good basis for Flourishes. ;)
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    I Hate Hecklers!

    For the first two, it really depends on the personally of the magician. Only rarely can someone even do that, and the audience would see this as a comedic effect. Most of the time, it would simply turn them off, and would ruin your performance entirely. Anyways, along with audience...
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    Four: Jaspas Edition

    :eek: That was probably the best video in a while! :eek: High Quality download please! xD
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    Why do they include Jokers in a deck of cards? Original link for anyone interested.
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    The 1500 Challenge (Long Thread)

    I understand what you're saying. It's similar to the post made a while ago about how to make things as natural is possible. For example, to just know the double lift is one thing, but to "re-work" it to look as natural as picking up one card is another. Essentially, we want our performance to...
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    The 1500 Challenge (Long Thread)

    This is surprising because I use the 25 times method with the material I get since I started magic. :eek: It does help. I applied it with the Clipshift, except I use the Ace of spades as a key card, and do the move until I hit the Ace of spade again. For anyone who knows the Clipshift can do...
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    Go-to effects

    I've been using the Biddle Trick as my main "Go-to" trick if there's a lot of people, but recently, Sloppy Shuffle Triumph. But if it's a small amount of people, like 2 or 3, then Card to Mouth is what I use.
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    Fallen and Shifty

    S.W Elevator is the same thing as Shifty, only slightly revamped. Anyways, I say Shifty, even though it might need a lot of practice. Fallen is good, but is more dirtier than Shifty.
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    Great Practice Technique

    That's actually good advice. :) A more recent aspect would be the Clipshift. I was thinking about that when I read the post. :eek:
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    Your first flourish?

    The Charlier Cut. Can't get anymore basic than that. xD
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    Smoke & Mirrors : A Cordial Invitation :: Friday, Aug. 1

    Great... Another BrianX... Ever heard of preference? Maybe some people like these cards for looks, or the way they handle, or any other random idea, but it isn't your place to judge until you've tried them. However, with that attitude I've seen in this past hour, you'll just plain-out diss...
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    Special Prize to Old Members on August 31st

    Yeah, but some of those people aren't even active anymore...
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    Goals for the end of summer '08

    1) Get Surfaced and work on the clipshift often. 2) Work on and master S.W. Elevator 3) Buy new decks for the next school year.
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    Thoughts on "Nearly One Year Later"

    Remembering what Lee Asher said in the video when the site first came up, he said that this was quality over quantity. Chris Kenner said that this was for the youth of magic, our future. These two statements definitely hold up even today. Like what Andrei said, this is more than just...
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    Flourishing With a Point

    I believe Kevin Ho in his Manuscript "Smooth Operation" had a filler explaining how you could use Flourishes in a story that had a comedic value with it.
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    My views on the Cardistry/Flourishing scene

    Nice....Essay? It's a bit short. xD Anyways, about point three, even though most of you think different about Brian Tutor, he does make a point in his recent DVD. He said, "No matter how much you create, you can't scratch the possibilities on the kind of things you can create" which I...
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    Are Dan and Dave Buck The Same Person?

    Disgusting! If they are the same person, then Kenner has been living a lie... xD </sarcasm>
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    Are Dan and Dave Buck The Same Person?

    Are you kidding? Dan and Dave are even feature on the video on the main page of this site. Not to mention the Iceland video someone already mentioned...
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    Question for Dan and Dave...

    I can't seem to find it. Link or it didn't happen.
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