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    andthensome Released

    hey guys for those who didn't know andthensome has been released here the only reason i posted this was because theory11 said it wont be released until the 27 spencer
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    De'vos Wind Elements

    hey guys i was wondering where i can learn devos wind elements thanks Spencer
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    1-on-1 Tonight

    so what do you guys think the 1on1 will be tonight?
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    Andrei's Impossybil Video

    hey does anyone no where i can see Andreis Impossybil vedio thanks spencer
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    Looking for some good books.

    hey guys im look for some new good books for the holidays i do mostly card magic sleights not big on gimmicks but ill use them every once in a while and i do a lot of flourishing but i already have the encyclopedia i am in intermediate and pretty advanced so don't say like royal road because...
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    Madness by d+M

    hey guys i didn't see any review about madness so i was wonder for however has is it goo is it worth it? thanks Spencer
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    Liam Walsh - DVD

    hey what do you guys think of Liam Walsh and anyone have hid dvd how is it
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    D&D On Demand?

    hey i just wondering where is the dan and dave on demand this week?
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    People from Michigan

    hey guys i was just wondering if there was anyone here from Michigan. and i just wanted to let you know in February not sure the date but ABC magic shop in Clinton township on Gratiot well be holding their second convention. their will be lectures and workshop and close up competitions. so far...
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