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  1. Zac Eckstein

    Good M.C. Bits Book

    Oh yea, totally check out Colombini. I don't know if his bits are funny just because of his accents, but I think Your Host For Tonight, Gagbusters 1 & 2 will be perfect. Also Here's Your Sign isn't too bad.
  2. Zac Eckstein

    Is it really important?

    Here's the deal. If you are doing Stage or Stand-Up, then it is Important. If you are doing Street Magic, honestly not really. Iv'e been doing Street and Close-Up for a LONG time up until about a year ago since I am doing stage now, but like I said if it is street magic it doesn't really matter...
  3. Zac Eckstein

    Website Re-Constructed

    Okay! I made another batch of changes to the site. FIXED PHOTO REEL CHANGED A LOT OF WORDING RE-ORGANIZED SOME THINGS.
  4. Zac Eckstein

    Any Volunteers?

    Hey, you may know I am trying to get a website together. The problem is I have no clue what I am doing on a technical aspect haha. Anyone want to volunteer to help me make a nice website? My technical abilities are crap and I don't want to reflect that. Help. Please. Someone. Thanks, - Zac
  5. Zac Eckstein

    Website Re-Constructed

    Good advice man, I'll use it. I'm using my colleges internet right now, but as soon as I can get my home internet going again I will make the necessary changes. I am just starting out with my NEW show so I am changing a lot. My first High-end booking is in November so I have time to work the...
  6. Zac Eckstein

    Website Re-Constructed

    Hey everyone! I made some more changes. I MADE MY MAIN FONT COLOR WHITE I CHANGED UP SOME PICTURES I ADDED A PAGE DESCRIBING WHAT I DO EXACTLY (Meant for lay people not magicians so it isn't exactly correct) Check it out please!
  7. Zac Eckstein

    Website Re-Constructed

    I re-did my website somewhat. There are a few things I will stand firm on though. Some things I won't change. I WILL KEEP THE DESIGN I WILL KEEP THE FORMAT Some things I have changed thanks to everyone. I HAVE RAISED MY PRICES CONSIDERABLY MY PRICES AREN'T LISTED ON THE SITE...
  8. Zac Eckstein

    Z-MAGIC Presents: "The Reason"

    Thanks man!
  9. Zac Eckstein

    Z-MAGIC Presents: "The Reason"

    You explained well, but I am gonna stay the course. It's gotten a couple of likes on youtube and a nice comment. Non-magicians seem to like it so I stand by what I said at the beginning. I do thank you all for the criticism though, always got to take the good with the bad here. I like it, other...
  10. Zac Eckstein

    Z-MAGIC Presents: "The Reason"

    Good idea, your a smart man my friend. I may stick it in my promo DVD. I'll think about it for a while, but I do like the idea. Thanks man.
  11. Zac Eckstein

    Z-MAGIC Presents: "The Reason"

    Yo! I just wanted to say that I did an audioswap on youtube and changed the song, and I think it goes really well with the slide show. Thanks for the advice Mat and tokyo. I do get asked very often why I do magic, and I am actually shocked that isn't common for ya Mat. I thought all magicians...
  12. Zac Eckstein

    Omg... Criss Angel

    I really love how this thread is getting so much flame, and no one cares about the meaningful ones. That's just how it with the users here I suppose. But then again, I am posting right now. Seriously we aren't even talking about magic anymore. We need to lighten up, we do magic you guys!
  13. Zac Eckstein

    Z-MAGIC Presents: "The Reason"

    I totally know what you mean about DC, he gets me everytime too! Thanks for the advise man, always appriciative.
  14. Zac Eckstein

    Z-MAGIC Presents: "The Reason"

    Wow I didn't even think about that first part! But honestly I did chose it because when I see their reactions It was like I saw God in their faces.
  15. Zac Eckstein

    Z-MAGIC Presents: "The Reason"

    Hey y'all! I made a video similar to this a looooong time ago, but I thought I would post this since I have switched to youtube for good. This is gonna be the video I refer people to every time I get emails or things like that asking me about why I do magic, how I got started, etc...
  16. Zac Eckstein

    Penguin Magic's Attempt at The Wire

    I agree 100%. This is just how the free enterprise system works. Sorry everyone is mad about penguin having a similar thing, but it is called competition. There are a million cell phones, some are key pad and some touch screens. They both call and text though. Penguin has a few different...
  17. Zac Eckstein

    Top 20 Card Magic Books To Have!!!!

    Top 20? Holy crap that is a lot of material! Are you looking for "Card Magic" like your title say or "Card Manipulation" like your post says?
  18. Zac Eckstein

    Complete beginner - where to start?

    There is a website called, it is down for maintenance at the moment. They have a DVD called "How To Do Street Magic", I think that would be a good start for ya! Maybe browse around see what you think looks cool, and decide what you like!
  19. Zac Eckstein

    New Release on the Wire: Get Gigs & Keep Clients

    Don't want to single anyone out but this is the 3rd time this has happend. My name is "Zac" not Zack. Its just a pet peeve of mine, I hate when people misspell my name. I do respect your opinion though!
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