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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    somewat interestin 1. how about a video contest showing off how you took a routine or trick from T11 and "made it your own" IE for example i like the "iskabble sandwich" but i changed a few things in the handling to make it more natural, as well as changed the final production to better...
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    Wynn Playing Cards

    Jerrys nuggets, black ghost, wynns Its funny how cardists obsess over specific designs and brands. Yakno a spectacture doesnt care what deck you us, but how you use it. Why spend obnoxious amounts of money on something your hands are going to dirty, bend and ultimately destroy anyway? i...
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    Carnival Dream baby!

    Is this your first time working on a cruise ship?
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    The Card Trick That Never Happened!

    i liek the effect, i do have a question... where in your routine does this effect come in? It reminds me alot of of "the spelling collins aces" i use to perfom, point being that im having difficulty visualizing where this fits.. do you have liek a gamblers routine or soemthing? ~not...
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    Grasshopper effect/wouldn't mind some constructive crit...

    Im a big sticklier for getting breaks and double lifts that being said, @0:29ish while you place the ACEspectatorscardACE packet into the deck, why not do a PC since your in dealors grip anyways? it would make your pickup of the red aces sooo much smoother. work on your rhythem, you know...
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    Chinese Linking Rings Confusion

    hey i used to work for houdinis, whats ur issue? PM or email me and ill help u the best i can.
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