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    The Metamorphosis Illusion

    This is by far my most favorite illusion that i do. Its so simple but it hits SOOO hard. Honestly, if you know how its done its really simple to build, no need to pay an extra $30. PM me if you have any questions and ill help you out
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    My coin vanish... Evolution

    Thats what everone says haha. I dont though, im talking to places about marketing it. Penguinmagic said they would send the video to be viewed by people and stuff and they said theyd get back to me. But no, i dont drop it ^Another vid of it
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    What are some of your hobbies?

    ^ Some other drawings
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    What are some of your hobbies?

    I just started drawing about 4 days ago. And im honeslty realy good at it. Heres a few of my drawings And yes, i just started to draw. I also looove to skateboard. Ive been skatin for about 6 years or so now. But on the bad side, ive also broken 18 bones [including my fingers] and...
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    Your Three Favourite Magicians

    Criss Angel- he got me started into magic and into the style that i do. Regaurdless of what people think of him hes a DAMN talented magician. For christ sake hes doing shows with Cirque du Soleil. Alot of people percieve him as a magician that uses camera tricks, which i find dumb Derren...
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    Battle of magicians

    Not to bad man haha. Drop me a pm on here sometime
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    Battle of magicians

    Dont sweat it bro, he prob just sucks hardcore and is trying to make you feel like crap to make him feel better about himself. Let it go. Back on topic i really want to enter this in the stage category. Ive been working on my show for 2 years with my teacher, who has performed in vegas on...
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    My coin vanish... Evolution

    Yes it can. Hell if you wanted to you could have it re-appear in your mouth or something.
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    The Random Picture/Picture of Yourself Thread

    Just me and my new levitation i thought up. A video will be up in about a month or so of it
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    Paul Harris Presents FLOW

    Haha thats insane. Im definetly buyin it when its released
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    Floating Light Bulb Effect

    Which one are you talkin about. I have one version and its like a zombie ball, and the bulb lights up to so its kinda cool. and you can do it without cover if you want to
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    2007 Christmas List

    Why not try to be a bit more diverse and check out some mentalism?
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    2007 Christmas List

    Geeze, am i the only one who wants other stuff rather than card magic o.O
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    2007 Christmas List

    its my secret :D. Anyway lets get back on topic haha
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    2007 Christmas List

    Alright, its not for sale though, sorry man. Although i am posting a video of it sometime soon:D
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    This looks kinda like an effect i came up with a couple few months ago that i call evolved
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    2007 Christmas List

    Hmmm, how do you know about my levitation
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    What do you call yourself?

    Magician/Illusionist. People call me mindtweak every once in a while lol
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    Daniel Garcia For Theory11 Artist!

    Yea, i definetly think he should join. He would bring so much more creativity to 11 [not that they dont have a hell of alot as it is haha]
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    2007 Christmas List

    Whats on your guys list for christmas [magic related]. I still have to decide on getting either some type of new stage effect that everybody in the family pitches money in for, or getting a bunch of street things...not sure. How about you guys?
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