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  1. GambitIce

    The Card Trick That Never Happened!

    Yay! The trick won First place on Mismag's Contest! Thanks everyone for watching!
  2. GambitIce

    The Card Trick That Never Happened!

    Its a great question. This kind of routine is definitely difficult to perform for laymen as it requires a lot of their attention. I think other magicians would find the routine more interesting than a laymen. That being said, when i perform it to a lay person i have laready shown them that I...
  3. GambitIce

    The Card Trick That Never Happened!

    Let me know what you think!
  4. GambitIce

    Card Flourishes Video

    Thanks man :) To be honest, flourishing isnt really my thing. Im more of a magician who uses flourishes to spice up the magic if u know what i mean :P
  5. GambitIce

    Card Flourishes Video

    These are Bicycle Dragon Backs. I think u can find them at Target now. They are a thinner stock card than the standard Bike, so they spring really well :)
  6. GambitIce

    Card Flourishes Video

    Hmm interesting feedback. Ive always loved the sounds that cards make, but I'll give this some thought. Thanks!
  7. GambitIce

    Card Flourishes Video

    Let me know what you think please! Double click the video if you want to thumbs up, comment, and/or subscribe! :P
  8. GambitIce

    Riffle shuffle work

    You got some mad skills! I would recommend a better camera and maybe more light though :)
  9. GambitIce

    Bicycle Dragon Backs at Target

    I picked up this deck as well and i love it. The back design is much more attractive than the standard bicycle. Also, the card stock is thinner than the standard bicycle so they spring like a dream right out of the box. No need for breaking them in :)
  10. GambitIce

    what is your favourite 5 magicians in the world

    David Blaine Derren Brown Lance Burton Cyril Lennart Green
  11. GambitIce

    what tricks can i do when people are burning my hands ?

    self working trick maybe
  12. GambitIce

    Ben Earl on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

    Every card magician in the world does an ace production effect. Just because other magicians have done the same effect doesn't make it any less. It wasn't the effect that was fresh and exciting, it was his method. First time I have seen it done in that manner.
  13. GambitIce

    Ben Earl on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

    I am a complete card junkie so i found it extremely entertaining, but i can understand that from the lens of a muggle some of the other routines would be more fun.
  14. GambitIce

    My tab in can

    I thought it looked great :)
  15. GambitIce

    Ben Earl on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us"

    If you guys haven't seen the show yet check out the link below. I think what Ben Earl did was absolutely brilliant and courageous! The balls on this guy... to locate the aces from a borrowed shuffled deck in a very short amount of time in front of...
  16. GambitIce

    thank you for all your help

    Hey there. My name is Asad, nice to meet you. I have been into magic for many years now but just starting to get active on these forums now so hopefully ill get to know you all better soon! Take care and have fun!
  17. GambitIce

    Snap Change Tricks

    Yeah, this is true. If you want to change the card to the chosen card you should control it to the top of the deck, not to the second position. I would just do a double undercut etc to get it to the top, then do a double lift to show the incorrect card, and then snap for the revalation. Tbh the...
  18. GambitIce

    Where can I learn "Roll Over Aces?"

    Does anyone know a source for this? Thanks!
  19. GambitIce

    Expert Tenkai Work (Card vanishes etc)

    :P Ill let u know when i'm there :)
  20. GambitIce

    Expert Tenkai Work (Card vanishes etc)

    Honestly i dont remember. THe positioning of the card will be different for everyone though, it just depends on the structure of your hand. The one key thing is to make sure that when the card is in tenkai make sure it is always parallel to the ground, and then the spectators wont be able to see it
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