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  1. James Kard

    making new friends

    I been off this forum for a while, but now I'm back! Love to help, but don't have fb or skype. But you can message me on here.
  2. James Kard

    Original, or Coincidence?

    I feel your pain.
  3. James Kard

    Top 10 Magic Books

    Good selection, thought I would of said Joshua Jay complete course.
  4. James Kard

    Considering making a deck, got some questions

    I may be biased, but I think Bicycle has the right thing going on. Check out there cards and try to base it off there's. What would your back design be?
  5. James Kard

    Video magic.

    I created a magic community on Google +, and I was wondering what are some of the best tricks to do for a camera. Any ideas?
  6. James Kard

    Is this a good set for walkaround?

    I can't tell you the name for the tricks I did because..... well I don't know the names to them. I can tell you my finisher was a color changing deck. But other wise all I can tell you is that the first two effects was a card appearing between two aces. I was cooler than it sounds.
  7. James Kard

    What Are You All Working On?

    I just won my schools talent show with a cool card trick, and now I am trying to make it more awesome.
  8. James Kard

    Is this a good set for walkaround?

    I said I have nothing wrong with sponge balls, and yes I have seen the face of a young child while they see me using a sponge ball. What I am going at is that sponge balls would not fit ME. I should of said is this, sponge balls would be great for a walk around piece, but they would not work for...
  9. James Kard

    Is this a good set for walkaround?

    I have nothing against sponge balls, I just think they don't have any meaning. To a magician they are red sponge balls, but to a spectator, what are they. To me they have no context.
  10. James Kard

    The Illusionist

    I love Lego stuff and magic, I would buy this.
  11. James Kard

    Question to Become a Better Magician #2

    I agree, find some effects that you do well and practice them until they are amazing in your hands.
  12. James Kard

    What Coins Should I Use?

    I have to agree with obrien, half dollars to me works best.
  13. James Kard

    Saturday contest

    Thanks for the help! Beware, I'm coming.:D
  14. James Kard

    Saturday contest

    Thanks, just wanted to know. What are the contests?
  15. James Kard

    Saturday contest

    What is the Saturday Night Contest?
  16. James Kard


    I get what you are saying, and I put it like this: you have someone shuffle and then you place the cards back on the box, you recap saying they shuffled and this is under there control. while talking you use the cooler and act like this is the most natural thing in the world.
  17. James Kard


    Shin Lim has his deck switch called the Flash Deck Switch.
  18. James Kard

    Magic Importance.

    I have doing magic for 8 years, and my style has only changed twice. First it was coin magic, now more card effects. And over thinking magic to me is a good thing. That shows that you truly want your magic to be as magical as possible.
  19. James Kard

    Magic Importance.

    I also try to make my magic to be impossible, or at least highly improbable. Obrien, I have to say that you look at magic the way most magician should.
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