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  1. Lazarus

    1-on-1 Update : Blueprint by Chris Kenner

    Chris first taught me the fingerprint trick in 1993 and I used it at every table while working at Illusions Restaurant in Indianapolis. Chris knew that this trick matched my personality and was technically within my reach. He really teaches things well. I'm not into flourishes so I usually only...
  2. Lazarus

    Clean-up for 5 Speed

    Chris often gives all "3" cards a little horizontal spin, letting them float to the floor one at a time. And you do keep the card "as is".
  3. Lazarus

    Card to Shoe

    Mac King, in his lecture notes (Mac King's First Lecture Notes - 1990) teaches a trick called "Mac King Meets Buster Brown", a non-folded card-to-shoe effect. Certainly, everyone knows whether they have the ability to do a trick like this without offending the audience's noses. Clothes are...
  4. Lazarus

    Help with 1-on-1's

    As one of the old dudes that posts to these threads, I really recommend trying to craft a couple of tricks that you already bought into a routine that brings out your personality. If you're just a hobbyist - most certainly just buy everything you can afford because the downloads are a lot of fun...
  5. Lazarus

    ThreeFry or Unicoin?

    the best thing about Threefry or Unicorn is that you end clean by ending with the same number of coins that you start out with, so you don't have to build in a way to get rid of extra coins you are palming. The coins for Unicoin need to be very soft though, to prevent them from "talking" -...
  6. Lazarus

    What tricks would you do in school?

    If you want to perform this tomorrow, preparing this quickly is really not advisable. Be remembered because you gave a **** about your grades, your teachers, and your fellow students - not because of a magic trick. But if you had to press me for a memorable trick, NONE of these other suggestions...
  7. Lazarus

    Missing Link - Am I the only one who doesn't get it?

    This trick is a lot like doing pressure fans. The cards will spring out of your hands and you will bend a lot of decks into the letter L...then one day it just happens and you understand how to do it. An explanation in a book or video helps a bit, but it's through repetition that it just comes...
  8. Lazarus

    Making a living doing magic

    There are a few grains of good advice here. Performing magic for a living has very little to do with performing. You will spend years of cold calling companies and restaurants on the phone in order to try to sell them something they really don't want. So the guys who are doing it for a living...
  9. Lazarus

    Mac or PC?

    Macs are easier to palm...
  10. Lazarus

    Missing Link

    I think the better question here is "Are the bands gimmicked in any way?" It really wouldn't be advisable to borrow rubber bands and try to do this trick because the size of the bands is important so that you do not expose the effect. BTW, the bands are not gimmicked...
  11. Lazarus

    Desperate need of tricks

    Todd, I really wouldn't try to create a 30 minute show in the next 6 weeks. Magic is so much more than a trick that you like to perform. I have seen performers do 5 minutes with a spectator and a quarter, with a trick found in Tarbell, and bring the house down. Learn one trick, such as...
  12. Lazarus

    What's good magic for little kids?

    I agree that the Richard Sanders rope routine or Daryl's Rope Routine would be good. Remember, depending on what the kids are in the hospital for, they may not be able to hold sponge bunnies or other props - especially if they have an IV in their arm, etc. I can't see coins being good at all...
  13. Lazarus

    Mike Roger's Baseballs - Cups and Balls

  14. Lazarus

    Shifty Noise Problem Solved?

    You can stand next to Chris in a sound proof room and there is not a sound. You only get that with sweat.
  15. Lazarus

    The Art of Astonishment?

    The first post lists some great tricks but they are not for the beginner. Here are some easier tricks that are still pretty cool: Color Stunner Flash Fold Solid Deception Vacuum Cleaner Cards Stapled They are fun to perform and popular with spectators. Hope this helps.
  16. Lazarus

    The Cannibal Kings

    can't mention cannibal cards without talking about the Chris Kenner version from Magic Man Examiner and Out of Control. It uses the 4 for 4 switch, which is excellently taught by Chris in the 1 on 1 videos. I performed it for several years at Illusions Restaurant, but Chris taught me a different...
  17. Lazarus

    Saturday Night Contest: Love Edition

    "Safety" is really the key word in safety pin...
  18. Lazarus

    What is the Best Card-to-Wallet Wallet?

    I can't speak for which one is "best" but the Mullica Wallet can sit out in the open the whole time without ever being in a pocket. There are hundreds of routines created that use it - my favorite is in Larry Jennings "The Cardwright" and is called Hofzinzer's Business Card Problem.
  19. Lazarus

    Best Comedy Stand-up Effect?

    Daryl's Rope Routine
  20. Lazarus

    Brown Wynn's Review

    Red Wynns were smooth for about a day, then got really clumpy. Won't buy them again but may try some Guardians.
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