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  1. KeoSilver

    Back To The Roots What a wonderful documentary. It is a great mixture of magic history and magic theory and great example of how less is more in magic. It doesn't showcase close up cardistry but mainly focuses on parlor and stage magic, which in my humble opinion is...
  2. KeoSilver

    Criss Angel Gets Stabbed In The Heart

    Or was it an arrow to the knee? Also dig the new log in.
  3. KeoSilver

    My thoughts...

    I know the magic community is wide and vast, all those in Boston and now Waco Texas my thoughts go out to y'all. Be safe and I wish the best.
  4. KeoSilver

    Too Late For Halloween

    Hello family, community, faceless names on an internet forum board. I've hit a conundrum, I've just begun working at Sea World San Antonio as a stage hand for a Sea Lion show and watching the show from behind the scenes has made me want to get back into performing. It has been around almost...
  5. KeoSilver

    Mele Kalikimaka

    Mele Kalikimaka from your friendly, slightly inebriated, Big Kahuna, friend! Be well folks.
  6. KeoSilver

    HAIL, Wizzards and Warlocks!

    I call to all practitioners of the magical arts to join me outside in exactly one hour and fifteen minutes outside. It is, as I scribe this, 10:15 central standards. I ask all of your help as I attempt my most ambitious attempt of natural magic. Please brethren leave your beds, leave your...
  7. KeoSilver

    Locked threads...

    Um this is not a complaint on stifling amusing bickering but is there a way to show from the outside that a thread is locked? In the magiccafe thread I didn't realize it got closed till I clicked on it. The old version of the forum had that pad lock that would appear, is there a way to get...
  8. KeoSilver

    Wayne Houchin Lecture Revamp?

    Howdy y'all. Just got back, like literally five minutes ago, from one of the more phenomenal lectures I have been to thus far. The magician lecturing was Wayne Houchin. Wayne's lecture was entertaining and enlightening, doing one of the things I wish more magicians would do, talk about things...
  9. KeoSilver

    Stage magicians: A new appearance!

    Hey Stage performers ever wanted to make yourself appear out of nowhere? Well now you can using the elmsley count. XD
  10. KeoSilver

    Getting into Tenkai (Betram)

    Okay so I get into Tenkai for the betram change like this. What are other ways? I have tried a steal from Tony Chang, and just a third finger peel but I am just curious onto how to make the change look a little less moveless.
  11. KeoSilver

    People of the night and day... A song to relax to. But now to make it magic related, I have found that I draw inspiration onto how to make my magic performance better through listening to chorus music and orchestrated pieces. Now the music doesn't necessarily inspire me to...
  12. KeoSilver

    Unconventional Book Suggestions

    Howdy, This is a book suggestion thread but not magic books. I feel I have enough magic to last a lifetime. What I am looking for are book recommendations about interaction between humans. I have read books such as "The Game" the pickup artists story the author's name escapes my mind right...
  13. KeoSilver

    Audience, Purpose and Tone and bonus section ^=^

    Aloha, Howdy and Hi, Many people have contributed thoughts on here so I may as well deliver some as well. Audience, purpose and tone? What does that mean to you and me as performers? How can it help? These are questions I will be addressing here in this essay. Just a note before I get down to...
  14. KeoSilver


    I is kind of bored hows about a simple triumph video. Rules No black and white either music or patter The main effect must be a Triumph effect Note: Triumph meaning a card effect where cards are mixed face up into face down the ending revelation being that all the cards fave somehow...
  15. KeoSilver

    Help from Mentalists and others that apply.

    I has a question I just rediscovered a certain ebook by Paul Vigil called Diplopia. What I need is this, tips on how to practice the darn thing. I love the idea super simple and everything else that is cliche, but in this case entirely true. Now I know how to practice how to read a clock, but...
  16. KeoSilver

    Man, Mountain, Rose

    . “Many many years ago, in a sad faraway land there was an enormous mountain made of rough, black stone. Every day at sunset, on top of the mountain, a magical rose blossomed every night. Its power? Whoever plucks it gains immortality. But no one dared go near it because its...
  17. KeoSilver

    Review Vest Pocket Razor Blades and Bizzaro's Helter Shelter

    Hello, I just got a very cool illusionete called the "Vest Pocket Razor Blades" Let me start off with telling you a little about the effect. Have you ever wanted to demonstrate your true freakishness, and haven't been satisfied with the conventional methods such as: Nailing a nail into...
  18. KeoSilver

    Is Anybody There I just stumbled on this video trailer completely by chance Watched "The Last Airbender" then "9" and then this movie. The trailer got me thinking, how many here have been introduced to magic directly from interaction from another...
  19. KeoSilver

    The library of "Castle of Chaos"

    A castle materializes in front of you, curious you walk to the entry way were it opens. “Welcome foolish mortals to Castle of Chaos,” you hear a loud, deep, cackling voice as you enter the castle. Dimly lit with candle light flickering off stonewalls, the air ice on you skin. Cautiously moving...
  20. KeoSilver

    Rules of magic?

    Rules of Magic (1) Never set aside any accepted rule, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so for some clearly defined reason. (2) Always endeavor to form an accurate conception of the point of view most likely to be adopted by a disinterested spectator. (3) Avoid complexity of...
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