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  1. Fritts1223

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Plots With No Cards did this really fast cause i didn't see this till about 30 minutes ago! it's not the greatest but we had fun!. m&ms.
  2. Fritts1223

    Saturday Night Contest - Daniel Garcia Roundtable

    Do you still get nervous before a performance? What is your criteria for a good trick? If you had the opportunity to meet and perform for any person alive or dead, who would it be?
  3. Fritts1223

    Saturday Night Contest - Control The Aces

    Had to do it in one take cause i have to go to work so kinda sloppy but it was fun! :]
  4. Fritts1223

    Best reaction tricks?

    I haven't posted on here in awhile. I've just been lingering in the shadows, haha. But I've been pondering this a bit lately and was curious of other people's opinions and experiences. Some of us magicians pride ourselves on our sleight of hand and the technicalities of things. Does that...
  5. Fritts1223

    Saturday Night Contest - The "Art" of Magic

    here's mine. Lance Burton... i'm not too much of an artist and i did this rather quickly. fun snc though! i enjoyed participating. :]
  6. Fritts1223

    Let's Get To Know Each Other!

    haha, I couldn't either. But you go to advanced post and make the pictures an attachment.
  7. Fritts1223

    Let's Get To Know Each Other!

    I don't have a picture of me performing..but I thought this was a good idea so I wanted to contribute a picture :]
  8. Fritts1223

    it has! nothing much really. im getting ready to have a bonfire tonight. how have you been doing?

    it has! nothing much really. im getting ready to have a bonfire tonight. how have you been doing?
  9. Fritts1223

    Your Magic Inspiration

    my inspiration is my audience. i try to put myself in their shoes and try to think of what would amaze them and make their experience memorable. i look at everyday things and think of things i could do with them to turn it into magic.
  10. Fritts1223

    Just sharing a performance experience..

    so today i performed at a little carnival type thing at a nursing home. i was pretty nervous because i didn't have any prep time. i had to throw it all together in a day. i had an old fashioned magic booth set up and it was so much fun! it went a lot better than i expected. the residents...
  11. Fritts1223

    Girl Magicians

    hi! i'm a female magician was well. i've been performing for about 4 years now and i do perform on a regular basis. both actual shows and just for friends and such. :]
  12. Fritts1223

    Table Hopping Question

    Definitely ask to meet in person. You want to show him that you're worth the money and you can't really do that through email. :]
  13. Fritts1223

    Introduce yourself!

    i live right next to troy! :]
  14. Fritts1223

    Introduce yourself!

    Real name: Amanda Fritts Age: 19 Other Hobbies: anything to do with music and film, being outside, ect. How I got started in magic: we had a sub for my chemisty class junior year and he would always do little card tricks. i made him do them so many times that i figured them out. i've been...
  15. Fritts1223

    Magicians in Ohio?

    i totally feel you. i'm from a little north of dayton ohio which is like four hours away from youngstown. i don't have any magic friends to just jam and hang out with. it's lonely here. :/
  16. Fritts1223

    Christian Magic

    i agree with visualartist here. devil wears prada is a very christian band. their actually from dayton ohio and i've had the pleasure of meeting them a couple times. just because their music doesn't include a chorus in the background doesn't make them not christian. there are SO many...
  17. Fritts1223

    sorry for the late reply. i haven't been on here too much. yeah! i am an assistant play director...

    sorry for the late reply. i haven't been on here too much. yeah! i am an assistant play director for a high school. :]
  18. Fritts1223

    School Magic - Help?

    there's a search function towards the top. you could use it. i'm sure you'll find many threads on this subject. :] but uhm, greg wilson has a dvd called On the Spot and it's full of impromptu magic.
  19. Fritts1223

    Do Magic Tricks Work in Picking Up Girls?

    Oh my goodness. This thread is getting a bit ridiculous boys. You're splitting hairs! If you want to "pick up a girl" (which is a term I dislike) then go talk to her. End of story. If all you can do is a magic trick to get her attention, how are you going to keep her attention later on...
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