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    Question about 52 to 1 deck

    I too have been using the trick in my sets. Feel free to pm me as well if you wish to discuss
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    Saturday Night Contest - Gold Artisan Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 4 of spades Card 2: 5 of hearts Card 1: 7 of clubs Card 2: 8 of clubs
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    Is there a Think of Any Card trick in existence?

    i have asked myself a similar question. So many so-called “think of a card” tricks are complicated procedures with restrictions that take away from the simplicity desired in a “think of a card” trick. But, alas, and I know RealityOne put a winking face next to it, and I’m not one to shill for...
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    Does anyone know what the best impromptu card trick is

    I mean, this may be the obvious answer, but a good Ambitious Card routine is impromptu and always gets crazy reactions from my friends/spectators. Also, without revealing method, there is a really great self-working-ish card trIck that Shin Lim did on one of those shows that I use impromptu...
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    Should i read royal road to card magic from beginning to end or should i skip around

    This is a great point. And those type of tips/thinking came from reading The Royal Road and maybe a little from a couple high quality, detailed YouTube channels. A good sign for a Youtube tutorial (Still no sure thing) is that the video is over 15 minutes long for one trick. When I say I...
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    Outdated magic

    You think “pick a card” routines should be eliminated? My goodness! I find (within card magic) some of the best reactions come from pick a card. As for the “I found the wrong card” gag, that’s fair
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    Should i read royal road to card magic from beginning to end or should i skip around

    This was the book to begin doing card magic. In the version I have, it specifically suggests that you read in order and just a few pages at a time (and then practice what you just learned). I followed that suggestion and found it “worked”. Personally, I combined this with YouTube videos and...
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    How good should a card magican be after 3 monthes

    Haha, I didn’t realize that was a joke lol. I’m so intimidated by the knowledge of you professionals! But I should’ve added that I learned those moves from learning individual tricks on YouTube, just as RealityOne suggests. But once I had those moves, I was surprised to see how many tricks I...
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    How good should a card magican be after 3 monthes

    As someone who has been doing magic about 10 months and is mostly self-taught on Youtube (I did read the Royal Road to Card Magic, which I highly recommend), I’ll add my insight, which is probably “wrong” but whatever. The more professional people on this website and the books probably agree...
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    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    As someone whose interests are as much in card collecting as in performing magic, I most enjoy the photo contests that involve cards!! I know Theory11 is a mostly magic community, but just laying out my preference.
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    Guy/girl mixes up a deck of cards. Then they put that deck away and open a different deck that isn’t mixed.
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    Guy/girl puts a blue card on top of a deck of red cards and then removes the blue card, revealing that the deck is red.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 6 of hearts Card 2: 6 of clubs Card 1: Ace of Diamonds Card 2: 4 of Diamonds
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    Magic Fails

    I’m pretty amateur, and I’ve never had a total bomb, but I have to say I’ve already gotten this general compliment numerous times: “what I think makes your act so great is how all the little mistakes and sloppiness makes it look like you’re going to fail, but then the reveal is just...
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    Favorite Ways to Ditch a Card?

    Hey everyone! I’ll start by apologizing if this repeats an earlier thread of T11, I did a couple searches and didn’t find anything. Also, I hope this doesn’t doesn’t count as a discussion of methods by T11’s rules. I think I avoided discussing any specifics. Please make the same effort...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Your Favorite!

    So many to choose from... Animal Kingdom, the Medallions, Star Wars, Tavern on the Green... But, I have to go with Contraband! Beautiful tuckbox and back design, but the detail on the pips gives such a feel of elegant and old magic. The gradient/fade on the pips and courts is so unique and...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Your Card Collection!

    I keep my collection on two opposing walls. One for bicycle cards and one for others. I keep bicycle cards on built-in cabinets. I repurposed an old cash register frame for the other cards. Love seeing all these collections. Good luck to everyone! Kyle
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1: Queen of Clubs Card 2: 9 of Diamonds Card 1: 7 of Spades Card 2: 3 of Hearts
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    Need some ideas

    This is a Chris Ramsay recommendation for dealing with Hecklers: Get a blank playing card and write on it something like “shut up and let me do my act”. Stick that card in an “impossible location”, whether it be someone’s shirt pocket, maybe his pocket, inside a box. Then, once he starts...
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    THE (Your) Shift

    I like this question. I have a great career in Corporate business. I’ve always needed to unwind at the end of the day, but with something more intellectually stimulating than mindlessly watching bad television. In the past, I’ve played various strategy computer games or read nonfiction, but...
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