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    Ulmen Trials

    And I'm pretty sure that its all a bunch of made-up hokem to sell DVDs. I'd like to hear from ONE person other that Devo who competed in these "Trials".
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    1-on-1 // d+M's ReBeL

    Yeah... I'm sure that you have all of his books and videos...Whats that? He doesn't have any out? Hmmmm. Well perhaps you have been to one of his live performances... What? None of those either? And I AM talking about in this country as this is where hes being hyped. Just because a web site puts...
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    1-on-1 // d+M's ReBeL

    Big name artist?? What? I never even heard of him until Theory 11 started hyping him. And don't start a response with the words "Well in so-and-so's country" I'm talking about here in this country.
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    Black Ghost Deck Review

    Sorry, But thats got to be one of the dumbest things that I've ever read. Yes.. I would rather pay $300.00 for a dumb over-hyped Dan & Dave deck. Jesus. What are you talking about???
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    Some Centurion QA issues

    Yeah I kind of thought the same thing. Please judge for yourself when you get the cards and don't take my word as gospel. That goes for everyone that buys or have been thinking about buying them. I just gave my honest opinion of these cards. But it is MY opinion. I just really can't see...
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    Some Centurion QA issues

    I was a little hesitant to get these after the guardians I ordered were not all that great. (They looked nice, But clumped up and such and the handling was not the best). After careful examination and playing around with the centurions for a while I have to say that I'm afraid that my fears...
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    What comes after high school?

    Tally, You definitely need to go to college. If nothing else, Go for spelling and grammar classes.:) If you have a chance, GO TO COLLEGE!! I know it doesn't seem like it now. But the time you spend in college will shape who you are for the rest of your lives. Don't end up like those people...
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    The Duck Change

    Yeah, I was trying to be careful, Sorry about that. Anyway I edited the last bit so hopefully its still OK as far as the description. I love it too. Cheers, Tim
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    The Duck Change

    Yep! I just checked it out myself and he does indeed say "Duck". I stand corrected on that point. But I swear to you that this is the exact same move I learned from Oliver's DVD. And he called it the "Dark" change. Well not he..Its inventor. Of course...Oliver speaks French and the whole DVD...
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    The Duck Change

    I believe its actually called "The dark change" by Hiro Saki. I learned this from Oliver Macias Control freak DVD about a year or so ago. I'm not going to go into methods here as thats sort of exposure. I'll go back through my trilogy set and see if he says duck or dark. Its the same move...
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    Witness Contest is over... hidden pages

    Huh? When I found the URL for the second page in the source code it wasn't in green. Nothing was. Tim
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    Shadow Masters!

    I'm just curious. How many of you have the same inclination to believe this sort of thing? I mean...Do laymen really know what a "gaff" is? If you walked up to ten people on the street and asked each of them the question: "Do you know what a gaff is"? How many would say yes and then proceed...
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    Criss Angel Tonight + Stigmata

    Yep...stooged again!! When will everyone learn? I like CA. I really do. But come on...The paid actor thing is getting to be too much. It's getting to where thats all you see on the show. "It smells"? I can smell something too. And it ain't burning flesh.
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    E's CIBs

    Right....And without Theory 11 there wouldn't be the need for E to change their site to try and keep up. Good call though....NOT!! If you love E so much, Why not declare it on E's site.
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    What do you think of the new E?

    I'm not impressed at all. This is what they came up with? Thats it? After all the hype, (E's specialty) They came up with something that looks and works worse than what they had. And the best part? My order history and all my passwords to protected forums, In fact my entire account has...
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    The New E

    And this post doesn't sound like it was written by someone who needs to "Chill out"? Read the line under Theory 11 .com at the top of the page. I believe it was a shot. How exactly do I warrant getting told to chill out but RJ can seem to rant all he wants? The point of my post was...
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    The New E

    Is that a shot against Theory 11 RJ? I thought we weren't doing things like that here. Yay, E is changing the look of their site so they can try to sell the same things in a different way. Yippee!!! If we are going to be smart asses, I'll get one in myself. I think its great that your...
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    Witness Contest?

    HEE-HEE!!! Found it!! Only took me 3 hours. :rolleyes: I was starting to get worried. I hope you all Wynn!! Thanks, Tim
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    Home Made Gaffs

    Here is a post I made in another thread. Hope it helps!!! ____________________________________________________________ I know that this has already been said but, If you are really interested in card splitting and making your own gaffs, Please check out "The gaff factory". You can get it...
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    Shadow Masters Update

    Thanks for letting us know that. I must have got the wrong date about the black ghosts. Tim
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