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    lee asher also teaches it in his 5 card stud dvd with a bunch of other tricks
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    ive got the devious pdf, and madisons trilogy. both are excellent. devious has pretty sleights. dont have PLAY, but im planning on getting it.
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    Does anyone use Greg Irwins stuff for finger fitness ?

    ive got his workbook and dvd(an advanced dvd recently came out, which i dont have). its excellent and will help you excel not only at magic, but anything else that you use your hands with. but keep in mind, it will be pretty hard the farther you progress, and very challenging. get it.
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    deceptions in my opinion, is brilliant. its well thought out, and very intresting. what is...

    deceptions in my opinion, is brilliant. its well thought out, and very intresting. what is advertised is exactly what i got, and what i got was knowledge, creativity, and most of all, inspiration. from the journals, to the tricks, it opens ones mind up to different possiblities with what can...
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    Were to learn the classic pass? (DVD)

    the pass Pass with Care DVD with Peter Cassford is good along with ninja 1. The Pass with randy wakemans is also good one where he shows you about a dozen variations
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    The Paper Engine?

    you gotta remember that everyone is different. the first trick i ever learned was, in fact, the pass. after seeing the owner of the local magic shop do it here in tampa i was amazed. i asked him how long it would take to learn such a move and he told me it can take months and sometimes they...
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    WITNESS + Angle Zero

    its can only achieve this miracle if only one had such ninja skills as danny
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    Idea for Theory11

    i second that. i would buy it with pretty much no questions asked. it would be awesome to have them all together in the dvd. like a round table get together, each talking about there theorys and ideas on what they like, dislike, and use for walk up or street magic. which then would lead to...
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    How important are warm-ups?

    lol, you got a point there. going through a serious halo or gears of war session may be all that you really need to warm up.
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    How important are warm-ups?

    i warm up and do finger exercises every day. i have irwins book(the guy from xb vol 1). i do his exercises, and the ones from the trilogy. doing them has helped me alot and my flourishing has gotten much better. in the morining i do some exercises and when i get off of work i do them too...
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    Daniel Madison's 3 Darkest Secrets

    LMFAO! now that was funny......but you may be on to something there.....
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    King of Cards

    hhhhmmmmmm........Da Shine does have a point here and i have to admit, Brian does whine alot in showoff 3 . we have yet to see just how good Devo really next to Tudor cause lets admit it, besides in his his XCM dvds, we havent see alot of what he really can do(which is why we want to see this...
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    Celebrities moonlighting as magicians

    stuart townsend from the movies Queen of the Damned and Shade knows a thing or two. in the Shade movie he plays a grifter called Vernon and is a card mechanic. all the tricks and sleights he does are really done by him(no stand ins or camera tricks). he had a few months of serious training...
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    What flourishing DVD are you most looking forward to in 2008?

    not all of us are newbies im waiting for dangerrous but i do wish the actual motions dvd will be put up for sale someday, which is never gonna happen
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    What flourishing DVD are you most looking forward to in 2008?

    motions does exist. i asked devo himself about it and he said he only sold it in a super limited run and that his close personal friends(jerry, cappi, and a few others) recieved a copy. the guy is underground and thats where his greatest secrets will lay hidden. the scattenriech dvd is going...
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    My Little Collection

    damn dude, thats one serious collection you got going there:D
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    Card Through Table

    :D breach. the version where it comes from under the glass is my favorite.
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    Daniel Madison eBooks

    sorry, but there only available in pdf format. if you want them as books then your gonna have to print them out when you purchase them.
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    Has anyone bought the "Showoff with cards" DVD?

    i have it and its complete and total crap. 90% of the moves arent even taught right, let alone perfomed right. watching this guy teach and perform the flip back vanish is like watching the Ringer starring johnny knoxville....funny, but sad at the same time. id like to bash the dvd more but i...
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    Jonathan Bayme in action?

    i believe that he had a performance dvd that was sold on ellusionist a year or two back, and he had a bit part on kardklub, and performed that superman coin bend in the trailers.
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