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  1. zdogmagic

    Saturday Night Contest - Cards in Hands

    Jerry's ;)
  2. zdogmagic

    My Pandora

    Thanks a lot guys. I just feel like my crabshack makes the whole flourish look more choppy than it should be. Ill work on that and ill post another vid showing progress.
  3. zdogmagic

    My Pandora

    Hey guys. Havent been on here in a while! I have been working on Pandora for about a year and a half now and decided to film it for the first time. Id love to hear comments. -Zach
  4. zdogmagic

    Saturday Night Contest - Out of Your Mind

    Red Black Red Black Red Black
  5. zdogmagic

    Which magician has the best patter?

    I have to say Helder Guimaraes and Derek DelGaudio together. After seeing there show in Los Angeles i will never look at magic the same way. Best show i have EVER seen period.
  6. zdogmagic

    Saturday Night Contest - Playing with Players

    card 1: a of spades card 2: 3 of diamonds card 1: 7 of hearts card 2: king of spades
  7. zdogmagic

    Magic Castle Tryouts

    Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I was just wondering who is trying out for the junior program this september?? i am a current junior and can tell you it is well worth it.
  8. zdogmagic

    Favorite decks? Which are the best?

    NOC and Monarchs for sure
  9. zdogmagic

    theory11's Five New Releases?

    No possible way. Zach Mueller is a good friend of mine and we were talking about this recently. Think about it. They JUST finished filming. There is A LOT to edit. Don'T expect it for a while. -Zach PS yes my name is zach too hahah
  10. zdogmagic

    Magic Castle Audition Video (Need Feedback!)

    I think the routine is good. Im a junior at the castle as well. Hope to see your routine in September! -Zach
  11. zdogmagic

    Saturday Night Contest - Rearranging The Code

    72013080 00082317 10203078
  12. zdogmagic

    My take for the DPS.

    Ive been practicing the DPS for a while now and that looked very good. Good job bro!
  13. zdogmagic


    I really liked the video, but i think you could work more on the smoothness of your flourishes. Practice theme extremely slowly and then speed up until you find a good speed to perform them smoothly.
  14. zdogmagic

    any good magic books

    u did not just say NOT reinventing the real. Thats my favorite book apart from Slydini and Kenners TOOC. Get reinventing the real... Now please. Do yourself the favor. -Zach
  15. zdogmagic

    Saturday Night Contest - 30 Seconds of Change

    Could we use a move that could be used as a color change but also for other things??
  16. zdogmagic

    Z-bat Original? What do I need work on?

    I agree with the Zach above me.. Its good but i wouldn't pay a lot for it... -Zach
  17. zdogmagic

    If an Octopus Could Palm (Performances)

    WOW. Those palms are insanely hard but you, sir, have perfected them! They all looked clean and smooth and it was a fun video to watch.
  18. zdogmagic

    House Of Playing Cards

    I do agree that the prices are abnormally high, but the simplicity of the Noc Deck intrigues me. -Zach
  19. zdogmagic

    Performance nerves

    Meditate I try to just breathe slowly and say to myself how great of a show it will be. I have been performing for a long time but i still get a little shaky before performances. Just breathe and get ready and go. That's the best advice i could give. -Zach
  20. zdogmagic

    What is the difference between plastic coated?

    I don't believe Guardians and Steampunks are plastic coated but Arrcos definitely are. If you want to know what plastic coated feels like, get a deck of the old arrcos (not the ones from kentucky). -Zach
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