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    Custom Playing Cards

    There has been a lot of new custom playing cards lately from ellusionist, theory 11, and dananddave. There is a trend of more playing cards and cardistry lately and not so much magic. I don't have a problem with that just an observation. Also I've noticed some older style playing cards getting...
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    Color Changing Deck Project

    Whats up everyone, this is Aaron Sedam and I'm hoping to get this project up and going so I can upload this to the wire. This is just a demo, so let me know what you think.
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    Searching on the Wire

    Just a quick question, unless I'm missing something, but how do you look up tricks that are not either featured, or on top of the charts. I know that there are just a few tricks on the wire right know but when this gets going is there a way to scroll through every trick that is on the wire.
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    Impossible Penetration

    So is Impossible Penetration the same as Linking Cigarette by Akira Fujii.
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    Media not working

    Every time I watch a video in the Media section, the video always cuts out before the video is done. Does anyone else have this problem. So I only get to see about half the video sometimes.
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