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    And all will be consumed?! wow most amazing thing that ive seen in awhile.. thoughts?
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    Where did you learn that?

    hi what do you guys say when the laymans ask "where did you learn all this?" i just tell them that "I'm born with it :D" what about you guys? have you ever been asked
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    JAQKs on Penguin Magic?

    what the ??
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    what does Erdnase call the section in his book about magic effect?
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    New Arrco's

    i never tried them.. are they worst than bike/tallies?
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    new arrcos

    do you really think that new arrcos really suck? try blindfold testing.. im still undecided .. what about you guys?
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    cambric or smooth?

    hey guys which one do you guys prefer, cambric or smooth finish? btw i do both magic and flourishing, whats good for me?
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    brown wynn conflict

    should i open them(sealed in cellophane), keep them, sell them... hmmmmm...
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    DeckONE or Erdnase Smith Back?

    deckone or erdnase 1902 smith back ? which is better? the prices are about the same so..
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    pressure fan help!

    hi im having trouble with pressure fan.. im all good until it reaches the end.. the fanning thumb(right thumb for rightys) gets stuck ... tips?
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    Electric Shipping Info Received?

    hi what does electric shipping info received mean?? it was in the tracking for 6 daysssssssssss..........
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    superman coin bend

    hi is scb gimmick big?? obvious? is it angly and hard to perform?? thanks
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    Freedom Pack by Justin Miller Review

    Hi everyone Im here to review jmiller's freedom pack. im assuming that you guys already know what the effect ill go straight to the review.. when i first watched the trailer, i was fooled really bad. i always liked justin miller's stuff(except autograph... sorry). so i bought it the day...
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    bicycle 125th deck marked??

    hey guys few minuites ago, i was riffling down my bicycle 125th edition and i found something moving on the back of the cards due to the riffle. the back design was moving(sort of ). the biking picture in the corners were different.(some had their legs up or down.) for some cards, there were...
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    Problems on missing link

    Hi can some one please help me on the "balling up" part on missing link?? chris kenner does not go in to much detail on the balling up part can some one pm me?? thanks
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    digital dissolve vs exile

    Hi is digital dissolve more practical or exile ? which one gets a better reaction?
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    Hawk 2.0 vs Digital Dissolve

    Hi everyone, im new to the forum i am thinking of buying digital dissolve or hawk 2.0 i know it is a completely different subject and a different effect. but it is both very visual. from what i heard, they say hawk is impractical and sometimes obvious. could you guys tell me...
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