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  1. JohnShack

    Bottled EP Now Available!

    Hey Gang! I am John Shack, and The Bottled EP is my first release to the Marketplace! With The Bottled EP you will learn Three Super Visual ways to cause a coin or bottle cap to impossibly pass through the bottle perfect for the real...
  2. JohnShack

    Changing a piece of gum in a spectators pack.

    So I came up with a color change of a single piece of gum, while it is still in the pack. I finally made a video for it and just wanted to share it with you guys and get some feedback.
  3. JohnShack

    My take on the Coin in Bottle

    Here is the Link, I just wanted to get some feedback on it, the video is a little grainy but it gets the job done! Please rate and comment if you like.
  4. JohnShack

    Calling all thinkers

    Howdy! I would like to extend an open invitation to anyone and everyone who has skype, I love to collaborate but unfortunately I don't have anyone to jam with on new effects that either I'm working on and want to know how my performance is, or on effects that I'm creating. So I would lke to...
  5. JohnShack

    Magically Atrocious

    Howdy Guys, Okie Dokie, I'm having an issue with Magic as a Whole, for one, I feel I have hit a creative wall. For two a large majority of Magic I watch now, such as demo videos for new effects or even magic on TV, I can't really get into anymore. Either I feel it's blatantly obvious of the...
  6. JohnShack

    This is some BULL

    Howdy! I'm sure all of us here have seen "Magic's biggest secrets finally revealed" Well I originally found it very funny, since most of the items the teach are fairly out-dated or simply look like crap and are fairly obvious in the first place, as I'm sure you already know.. Well I was...
  7. JohnShack

    360 Slo-mo Coin vanish

    I have been toying with an idea lately of doing a slow motion coin vanish, the coin is resting on the outstreched index finger, the other hand grasps finger and coin and pulls cleanly away, the coin vanishes. Keep in mind you can show 360 degrees before the vanish. Is there anything similar to...
  8. JohnShack

    What do you think?

    Hello All, Well, I'm not 100% sure how exactly to start this thread, so I suppose I will just state first off, I am Burned Out! I have been learning magic since I was three years old, I will be twenty here soon, so that makes roughly 17 years of magical experience, I feel as though I have...
  9. JohnShack

    Card Fancy

    Howdy! I have wanted to learn to do card flourishes for a long time, I've tried and I'm never very successful. I realize everyone is different but I was wondering what are some good ways to practice? John
  10. JohnShack

    A stage trick.

    Howdy! I'm working on an Illusion currently to add to my stage act. Basically I need some help in the construction. I'm wanting to build a Ladder made of florescent lights, how could I go about this? Thanks in advance, John
  11. JohnShack

    Have a baby by me, baby be a magician.

    Howdy Folks! So every now and then I get negative comments on my youtube videos, not of the effects although that has happened with one video, but usually the over all content I have heard that it is boring, I do the best I can with what I currently have but I want to do better. Soo what I...
  12. JohnShack

    Show Business

    Howdy! This is My first post here on the Theory11 forums. Hopefully it helps, and hopefully I can learn somethings as well. First off, I would like to give you guys a little bit of basic information about me. I am a semi-professional Magician, I perform somewhere around 60 shows a year...
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