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  1. Y.EJAZ

    Ref4m vs dresscode

    Hey Guys, I am in the market for a new effect and am wondering which to get dresscode or ref4m please let me know what you guys think Thanks, ::Yousaf Ejaz
  2. Y.EJAZ

    Monarch's Trailer

    Hey guys, i was recentley thinking about the monarchs and was wondering about the trailer. Wouldn't it be so awesome if michael herp, andrei jikh, and daniel madison were in the same flourishing video. That would be the worlds best trailer for the worlds best deck of cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Y.EJAZ

    How do you get a job at theory11?

    Hey Guys, I was listening to an old podcast in which dan white was interviewing jonathan bayme and jb said he used to work for ellusionist as tech support and what not, now what i want to know is how do I get a job at theory11 i have some great ideas i would love to share but im only 12 and am...
  4. Y.EJAZ

    Cardistry and flourishing dvds?

    Hey i just got into cardistry and flourishing and was wondering which dvds to get: Xtreme begginers The system Genesis The trilogy dangerous Please let me know which ones are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Y.EJAZ


    Hey guys, i just recentley got into coin magic and was wondering what sources i could use to learn,i have learned the basics like the retention and etc but if you could help it would be awesome Thanks ::Yousaf
  6. Y.EJAZ

    help with goat change

    Hey guys, i bought the andthensome dvd a while back and finally opened it about 5 hours ago i have been practicing the goat change for the past 3 hours but im just not getting it any tips?
  7. Y.EJAZ


    does anyone know if arccos are plastic coated or if they have real finish? it would help cause i might invest in some so yeah thanx in advanced
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