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  1. ScottH5

    Holiday Wheel 2020

  2. ScottH5

    Holiday Wheel 2020

    I won 500 Points immedieately. Every spin after that has been No Reward. I wouldn't be surprised if they're gaming the system.
  3. ScottH5

    Holiday Wheel 2020

    My biggest win ever! 500 EP!
  4. ScottH5

    If you had to share one powerful card effect to a beginner, what would it be?

    I figured that's what you might have been after. ;-) Personally, I'd suggest a reasonably powerful effect that is largely self-working. The important point is to ensure that no interesting sleight of hand is required. I'd say that "Gemini Twins" probably fills that bill.
  5. ScottH5

    Double Lift Convincers

    No flourishes. No fancy moves. No odd methods of turning over the double. (I've seen some people use bizarre methods of turning over doubles which they use only because they can't do a proper double. Don't be that person.) A common "flourish" is to bend the double and flick it as if to...
  6. ScottH5

    If you had to share one powerful card effect to a beginner, what would it be?

    What is the point of showing this trick to a beginner? If the point is to get them interested in card magic and provide some confidence in performing it, I absolutely would not show them a trick that involves a double-lift, since that is a non-trivial sleight. If the point is to amaze them...
  7. ScottH5

    Do I need to improve it?

    My verdict is that this video could, and should, be improved. In my opinion, it is a *stellar* amateur production. But it does smack of some degree of amateurity. When you do something we can understand and we can see what the reaction to it is, that's great. When you do something and we...
  8. ScottH5

    Best place to get various bricks of common decks?

    If you don't restrict yourself to those brands of cards, take a look at Costco. You can get 36 Bicycle decks for $49. That comes to $1.36/deck. I prefer to buy used decks off of eBay. Much cheaper if you're just looking for practice decks. For practice, you really just want relatively...
  9. ScottH5

    What is the name of this trick?

    Much better. I about flipped out... ;-)
  10. ScottH5

    Saturday Night Contest - Christmas Card Lotto!

    Red: 6 of Diamonds Green: 4 of Hearts Red: King of Diamonds Green: 4 of Diamonds
  11. ScottH5

    The Best FREE trick to make a huge impact on someone.

    This. If you can't afford to purchase anything, there is a good chance that your local public library has some excellent books and/or DVDs available. If not, ask the librarian to bring some of them in.
  12. ScottH5

    No Pressure Contest

    What? Is? This?
  13. ScottH5

    Saturday Night Contest - Take Two Challenge

    Guess #1: 6 of Diamonds, 7 of Diamonds Guess #2: King of Spades, 4 of Clubs
  14. ScottH5

    Saturday Night Contest - Final Four!

    If I'd just selected Villanova.... D***. So close!
  15. ScottH5

    Saturday Night Contest - Final Four!

    That did not just happen... With a few seconds left on the clock, UNC ties it up with a three pointer. With 4s remaining, Villanova comes back with another three to win? Ugh.
  16. ScottH5

    Saturday Night Contest - Final Four!

    Haha! Awesome. Looks like the score will hit 80! There is OT, right? That was epic.
  17. ScottH5

    Saturday Night Contest - Final Four!

    UNC 80 - 74
  18. ScottH5

    Coin Magic. I need some direction

    I can't Classic Palm a coin worth a damn. There's a reason I don't do coin magic which requires this. Raptor hands is a nice way of describing what happens when I try to CP a coin. I see no reasonably way forward when it comes to the coin-based CP. If you want to go full-on nuts, well, you...
  19. ScottH5

    Saturday Night Contest - Luck of the Irish

    Heads Heads Heads Heads Heads Heads Heads Heads Heads Heads Heads
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