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    Someone showed me this the other day. Great idea. Cool stuff.
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    Expanded shell problems

    I second this. This has been proven to work over and over and over.
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    Coin Vanish From Sick

    I pretty much disagree, and that's a good thing. You've found something in magic I haven't. Also a good thing. I promote disagreements. People find different things and that's totally cool. I mostly do impromptu magic, but most of my tricks... are not as angle-sensitive. There's nothing wrong...
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    Which coins?
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    Complete beginner:

    For a beginner... you picked two of the most advanced DVDs.
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    Coin Vanish From Sick

    Sick is a fantastic DVD and Ponta is a stand up guy. There's only one problem with some of his work. It looks fantastic on camera. Yes. That's the problem. It looks SOO good on camera. In the real world with a real audience, some of this stuff doesn't hold water. This vanish being one of...
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    none silver coins aging process???

    Awesome. Glad I could help!! :) I'd also like to suggest some other great coin forums with a plethora of information for you:
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    none silver coins aging process???

    Since the common Eisenhower Dollar has no silver, putting bleach on copper/nickel will make some funky colors. There is no simple or easy household item to turn this dark. I can suggest baking it in the oven. Yes. In the oven. That should darken it some. Otherwise, normal hand use will dark them...
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    Different Coins?

    That link should still work. Either way, I've moved the site to due to increased popularity.
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    Coin effect themes

    Just make sure you have Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. It contains most of the primary routines a coin magician should know. If you don't have this book, PM me.
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    Cleaning Coins

    There are many ways to clean a coin. Do you want it bright? Do you want it dull? It depends on what you want. You can use any silver cleaner or metal cleaner like Tarn-X or everyday items like crest toothpaste, ketchup, vinegar and Coca Cola can clean it. Let me know if you need any help...
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    Cleaning Coins

    I would also suggest searching The Magic Cafe. They have quite a bit of info on this. EDIT:
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    Different Coins?

    I would suggest purchasing online. Maybe this will help... It should help you find those different coins!
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    Sorry for the plug, but I created a site for this purpose a while back. It's mean to help you find the right coin, plus find some unique coins out there you might wanna try. It's a work in progress and there's much to do... but you can find it at ;)
  15. lorenwade

    Can't Find Provider

    It really depends on exactly what you want. For an expanded shell, there are many made by many companies and people. If you want high quality, Lassen or Schoolcraft. If you want good quality machined products, go for Johnson or Tango. I really wouldn't suggest buying anything less in quality...
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    Complete Beginner... Help

    Honestly, don't jump into anything extensive... especially not Sick by Ponta the Smith. Don't do that. I agree with Scott, get Bobo's book. Roth tapes wouldn't be bad, but I highly suggest Modern Coin Magic by Bobo and the accompanying DVD by Ben Salinas of the same na,e.
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    Coin Gaff Factory The Magic Cafe has a plethora or great resources. Look for the post by lithyem. He describes the technique he used in his pictures. Hope this helps.
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    Retention Vanish

    It truly depends on how you do it. There are many, many variations. Some look better than others. They each have their pros and cons. But there are quite a few that look very relaxed.
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    Coins Across

    I would highly suggest taking a look at Jay Sankey's Mr. Clean Coins Across. It's just that. 3 coins, ungaffed, all sleight coins across. It's very visual and very convincing. You can find it in his Revolutionary Coin Magic DVD.
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    Jumbos and Chinese Coins

    Thanks. ;) Feel free to message me if you need help. I've seen a few more coins at 31mm.
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