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    Deck Display

    Does anyone have any idea when this will be back in stock?
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    Booked by Steve Valentine Performance

    Hello, Are there any mentalist here that can watch and critique my performance? I'm performing Booked by Steve Valentine, but I've also incorporated some of the techniques mentioned in Banachek's first Psychological Subtleties book. Is the performance too long? Are there things I should add...
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    Banacheck PSI Series

    Hey Everyone! I was looking into Banacheck's PSI series and came across two products. The first is called "PSI Series" and the other is called "Psychological Subtleties". The PSI series are DVD's while Psychological Subtleties are books. Does anyone know what the difference between the...
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    Floating Rose

    Hey Everyone, I have been working on this illusion in hopes of performing it for my girlfriend once her birthday comes around in a few weeks. Can you please share your thoughts or advice? I've been having trouble getting the flash paper timing down.
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    Razor Blade Illusion Problem

    Recently I have been practicing this illusion in preparation to start performing it on the streets and close up environments. Whenever I pull the razor blades from my mouth they are often stuck together because of saliva. Does anyone know a way to stop them from sticking together?
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    Check/Account Error?

    Hello, Is anyone else getting a "Page can't be displayed" error whenever they click on Checkout or Account? I haven't been able to purchase anything because of this. Everything else on the website seems to be working fine. Lamont
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