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  1. lazydog

    Where do you get these cups?

    Perhaps... but I saw Penn and Teller do a great cups and balls routine with plastic dixie cups. And I have seen horrible routines by no namers that use some ridiculously expensive brass cup set. I would lean more on the side of the talent than the complexity of a cup.
  2. lazydog

    Coin (Not Money) Magic

    I'll second that... especially the Ammar stuff. Also, David Roths "Expert Coin Magic"
  3. lazydog

    Looking for half a Kennedy Half Dollar?

    That is TOP NOTCH advice! I always advocate people creating their own gimmicks... its how you learn. And possible find something your good at and love.
  4. lazydog

    Ready to vanish a coin for REAL?

    I'm pretty sure this is Fickle Nickel... good vanish for cameras, not so much for live performance. I believe I saw Siegfried or Roy do this on a special about 10 years ago. Gets a great reaction on TV.
  5. lazydog

    Where do you get these cups?

    They really are just 3 stackable cups... so any cups will do. Adams sells them for about 3-7 bucks depending on where you get them. If you want nice copper cups, try Morrisey... or you can shoot for the moon later for some from rings n' things 2 (that could set you back over $150 tho...
  6. lazydog

    Silver Morgan Dollar Shells

    Once again, writing without really reading. I said JB has a great morgan shell for $95 which is a little bit cheaper than Schoolcraft with a faster turn around. I'm not dogging schoolcraft at all, I said that it was my personal opinion... no need to get defensive. I'm sorry that you haven't...
  7. lazydog

    Silver Morgan Dollar Shells

    Read what I wrote, 1964 Kennedy's won't be found in a bank... but that doesn't mean they are rare. Any local coin shop will have stacks of them for about 5 bucks each. However, most banks do in fact carry Kennedy half dollars... the kennedy half dollar is still being produced (yes even in 2009)...
  8. lazydog

    Silver Morgan Dollar Shells

    But he's talking about his first shell... I mean, yea the buick and a mustang is a fine comparison... but the buick will still get you there. If your just practicing and starting... get the cheaper one, you might find that coin magic isn't your thing and you like cards, or whatever. Then you...
  9. lazydog

    Silver Morgan Dollar Shells

    Not to offend, but I can not disagree more. If you have never gone into coin magic and want to start out and "test the waters" so to speak, by all means start with Johnson or even Sasco. Yes Schoolcraft makes some amazing coins and they are perfect and wonderful... they are also really expensive...
  10. lazydog

    "Be one of the few to own them"

    White cents - not to piss in anyones fruit loops... but am I the only one who sees this as ridiculously gimmicky crap that seems directly ripped from the E marketing handbook? The same handbook that many T11 fan boys seems to despise soooooo much? Its fine marketing, I love business and its...
  11. lazydog

    All that was old is new again...

    I got it from my local magic shop right before it went out of business. However, a quick google search and/or amazon glance, should put you in the right direction :) I'll get a review once I complete the book... but theres a reason they are still making copies of a book from 1897. There's some...
  12. lazydog

    All that was old is new again...

    In 1897 a magician and author named Roterberg published a classic book on card magic called "New Era Card Tricks". Originally this book sold for a smashing 2 dollars! Now, the reprint of this classic in card conjuring sells for 45 dollars in hardback form. So why am I writing about this here at...
  13. lazydog

    Forum Error on Mac's?

    Not always, that actually just might be the problem. When you have 2 different OS's with different coding and then try to use the exact same software... there might be some bugs. I'm wondering if there is anyone who is able to use the forums with OS X Leopard? My mac with tiger works fine, but...
  14. lazydog

    Forum Error on Mac's?

    Good eye :) as you can see I can type now ;-) this is for my computer at work. The only thing I can think is that, maybe it has something to do with leopard? Who knows.
  15. lazydog

    Forum Error on Mac's?

    geesh thanks
  16. lazydog

    Forum Error on Mac's?

    Why can't i seem to use the forums here with a mac but I can use them with no problem on a windows computer? Every mac i use with any browser doesn't allow me to use the forums at all. Half the page is just black.
  17. lazydog

    Split Spades Better?

    Remember, opinion is not fact. The Lions are actually the nicest feeling deck of cards I've ever held (and that's my opinion). The T11 decks are basically regular bikes with a cool design/look. And the BG deck is the same finish as any E deck. Those are facts :)
  18. lazydog

    Worst thing that happened during a performance?

    This is a great example of WHY WE HAVE PRIVATE MESSAGES. This whole thread is a 2 person argument! LAME. Booo Teenage angst. Worst thing to happen to me? Years ago I performed "out of this world" once and did the trick wrong. I got every card wrong because of doing the wrong slight. That...
  19. lazydog

    Ramblers: Review

    a friend gave me a pack and they are "fun" to look at, but your review it accurate. If I can ask... where did you find them? I haven't found them anywhere but EBAY.
  20. lazydog

    What cards to buy?

    Get 2 boxes of "Tally Ho's" and tell me thank you in a month.
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