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    I Need A Tagline... Any Ideas?

    Hey guys im kind of stuck. I need a good and catchy tag line for myself to put after Mind Xplosion Magic, most of the things i came up with arent really professional. i could really use suggestions Thanks, DF
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    Talent Show 2010

    Hey guys, so ive got a talent show audition in around middle of march any suggesstions on what i should do? i am a little bit experienced in stage magic i own an appearing cane couple silks, a silk box, an infinite rose, and a set of multi. Balls. Do you guys have any suggestions on what i...
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    DGP Vol.2 Scatter

    I can find the pdf for scatter on the DVD i searched EVERYWHERE and i cant find it, can anybody send the pdf to me or something because i really like this effect and want to perform it thanks Darkfire2765
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    Card Manip. Problem

    Hey guys, So my problem is that my hand is cupped when i backpalm the cards and apparently it seems bad but i dont know im used to it, any tips on getting rid of this bad habit? Thanks for the future responses :p DF
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    Pinnacle - Russ Niedzwiecki

    hey guys this is my very first reveiw so bear with me :P Pinnacle ( The Crown Jewel of Impromptu Rubber Band Effects - Russ Niedzwiecki Description: A borrowed object ( Finger Ring) An everyday item (rubber band) Two of the strongest components of a powerfully magical experiencen...
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    Clip Shift

    Can anyone here help me with my clip shift? because the dvd and the booklet wasnt very helpful i can get the clip just not the shift
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    Does the gimmick for tears of blood have to be the EXACT one? cant it be a different brand?
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    Rubber Cement (Surrey, B.c)

    any magicians from Surrey, bc know where i can get rubber cement? i cant find any at, rona, walmart superstore and i found "contact cement" at canadian tire. is that the same thing? dark
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    Thread - Good for Stage?

    i was wondering if thread would be visible to the audience if im on a stage like talent show style. because i havent seen myself do it before... and i was just wondering if anyone of you have done it and did EVERYONE see it? even the people itn the back row
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    TA from Wayne Houchin's Site

    Im wonder who has ordered TA from wayne houchin's site. is it good quality? were there any problems?
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    Andthensome or Tarantula?

    Im conflicted between them both. Im buyign TA and 1 more thing but i have to choose, i dont want to make the wrong decision and regret it for the rest of the year cuz i cant buy anymore magic stuff for the rest of the year if i buy these things, i need opinions...
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    Good Tricks For Street And Stage?

    I was wondering what kind of tricks are good for both Street magic and stage magic because i do like talent shows and stuff and i also do close up so i have to like mix it around. So any suggestions?
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