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    Im Looking for a good dslr?

    Im looking for a good dslr and not too expensive. Any suggestions ???
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    The invisible deck is dead?

    I used to performed the invisible deck a lot but ever since dynamo got really popular people have been calling me out and revealing the deck. I have had people tell me "Oh thats a invisible deck I saw it on youtube" then they explain how it works to me and its the right method. Its very...
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    David Blaine freaks out Breaking bad cast
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    Guy does crazy levitation on X factor

    This is pretty impressive.
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    Flourishes while doing card magic?

    In your opinion is it better to do flourishes while doing card magic or to keep your skills with a pack of cards hidden? I usually do Sybil cuts and molecule cuts because it keeps the spectators from asking can they shuffle the deck because they think the card is lost.
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    Blaine thinking on his feet...

    Its Always good to see David perform :)
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    David Blaine's new stunt titled "Electrified"

    David Blaine released details on his next endurance stunt. Titled Electrified, the event promises to send one million volts through db for three days straight. It will take place October 5th through the 8th at Pier 54 in Manhattan. but.... He sure does some crazy stunts. Wonder if he'll...
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    Muscle pass (anti gravity coin) help!

    I can do the muscle pass but when i perform it they notice that im popping it up. I do not move my hand at all should i to cover up the move ? please help
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    JM's First hand vs RS's Extreme burn 2.0

    I just bought Justin Miller's First hand i like it alot and i was just wondering what do others think about the two. Theres a change on the first hand dvd called waterfall change its simple and impromtu and you can hand out the bills right after. I think its better then regular first hand effect...
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    What is the name of this levitation ?

    Its done by Dan White on his special the Supernaturalist. He levitated on one hand kinda like the lean done by cyril and dynamo any idea ? Heres a video of it Skip to 00:28
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    Who's gonna be the next big Magician in the USA ?

    We had David blaine first then Criss Angel and the UK has Dynamo . Who is next in the USA?
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    Has this been done before .. Vanishing deck

    has this been done before its a vanishing deck effect i made a while ago when i bought humbug but i did not like it so i tried to make a vanishing deck and wanted to see if it could make the wire without any legal trouble...
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    Coin bite effect is it outdated ?

    Do you think the effect is outdated or does it still get good reactions because it is one of those popular tricks performed by DB and its exposed on youtube alot.
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    Any ideas on tricks to do with double blank cards?

    I already know about pointblank by Greg Wilson im looking for more ideas.
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    Cigarette through card ?

    Where can i find this or do yo make your self any pointers ?
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    bizzare body magic ?

    are there any more tricks like will houston freak , joe russell disjointed , saw sean fields etc i really like effects like those.
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    Congress Voting On The Stop Online Piracy Act

    Send a petition to protest the act from being passed here: "Congress is about to vote on the Stop Online Piracy Act, which could give the government power to shut down any website with copyrighted content. Here is a link explaining whats gonna happen...
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    where can i find this beautiful flourish ? @ 0:39 where the card spins off the top & please answer.
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    where can lern the part where he spins the packet? @ 0:29
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    What is your character in magic?

    for example Mysterious magician , hip hop magician , comedy etc. whats your style ? and character ?
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